10 Badshah songs other than "DJ Waley Babu"

It is impossible to escape Badshah‘s music at any social outing. From weddings to parties, the Punjabi rapper’s discography includes much more than the breakaway hit “DJ Waley Babu“, featuring Aastha Gill.


Since breaking free from Yo Yo Honey Singh‘s group Mafia Mundeer in 2014, Badshah’s career has only gone upwards. But some of his best work has come from collaborations with fellow Punjabi artists, and has earned the crown of ‘King of Rap’ in Bollywood.

Let’s have a look at 10 essential Badshah songs other than “DJ Waley Babu”:

1. “Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai” – A perpetual party hit by Badshah, it is one of his top tracks. The song talks about how the party has just started with the arrival of Badshah, and we certainly do not disagree.

2. “Wakhra Swag” – Branded items are passe, according to Badshah. In one of his biggest Punjabi hits, Navv Inder and Badshah question why people just check tags on clothes, whereas their distinct swagger is fashion enough anyway.

3. “Proper Patola” – However far from India you go, “Proper Patola” talks about how Indians will always have their own swagger and style that outclasses any foreigners.

4. “Saturday Saturday” – After a long, arduous week at work, the weekend is always just around the corner but somehow goes by too quickly. However, “Saturday Saturday” reminds you to make the full use of Saturdays, and party your hearts out.

5. “Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai” – Although set in a wedding, “Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai” is fit for anyone who loves a loud and thumping bass, which is heavy through the chorus of this song.

6. “Kaala Chashma” – Granted you may not look as graceful as Katrina Kaif dancing to this song, but we’ve all been there. “Kaala Chashma” is about pairing your shades with any attire, in any setting- even if it’s a wedding!

7. “The Breakup Song” – Break-ups are tough, but the combined genius of Arijit Singh, Pritam, and Badshah will help you get over it, even if you do not have a silent pub to dance in.

8. “The Humma Song” – A rendition of the old popular song, Badshah combines his talents with A.R. Rahman, and creates yet another blockbuster hit that has preppy beats and the same chorus that remains unforgettable.

9. “Tamma Tamma Again” – Another revisitation of a yesteryear hit, “Tamma Tamma Again” keeps the most notable elements of the original song- the radio announcement and the fabled chorus, while recreating itself into a catchier song for the listeners.

10. “Mercy” – You didn’t think we had forgotten this one, did you? Perhaps Badshah’s biggest song, its popularity is highlighted by the fact that even though it was a single and not released for any movie, it still topped charts when it was released.