10 songs Sidhu Moosewala that will make you feel "So high"

Sidhu Moose Wala is a singer, actor, and lyricist from India. The theme of fame acquired over time and the name he made for himself is inherent in his songs while the description of the life of a famous Jatt boy is ubiquitous.


One of the most famous contemporary singers in the Punjabi music industry currently, Moose Wala hails from native village Moosa in Mansa of Punjab. His debut single, “G Wagon” was released soon after he moved to Canada but the major breakthrough in his career was with his all-time hit, “So High.”

Here are our favorite Sidhu Moose Wala songs:

1. “So High” – One of his first tracks, “So High” rose to fame for its funky beats and unapologetic lyrics. The gangsta rap song was produced in collaboration with Canadian producer Byg Byrd. The lyrics of this song are woven around how guns are a way of life for the singer. Just like the name suggests, this is the song that helped our Punjabi Boy scale high peaks in his career.

2. “Jatt Da Muqabala” – The fast-paced song praises the singer as he boasts of how there is no competition for him. This track was produced in collaboration with Snappy. It is also his first track to be released with T-Series. The Shayari towards the end of the song makes it wholesome in its message. “Jatt Da Muqabala” is a well rounded diss track with groovy tunes taking a direct shot at other Punjabi rappers.

3. “Famous” – This track aims at establishing the larger than life popularity of the singer. It was the only Moose Wala song released by Lavish Squad. Shot in scenic Chandigarh, the video covers all major landmarks in the city. The video also shows several instances of the singer surrounded by paparazzi. Sidhu Moose Wala‘s signature line ‘Dil da ni maada’ (Not bad at heart) is also present throughout this song.


4. “Its all about you” – A happy deviation from gangsta rap, this was Moose Wala‘s first love song. The lyrics tell the tale of the singer’s selfless love in a heartbreaking situation. The soft beats of the song have a soothing effect ideal for road trips.

5. “Selfmade” – This song, from the album PBX1, talks about the rise of this singer. Like a phoenix from the ashes, Sidhu Moosewala talks about how he is a self-made star. The story of “Selfmade” revolves about how life is about seizing an opportunity at the right moment. The powerful lyrics flow seamlessly into the tunes like the life tale of the singer.

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6. “Chosen” – Sidhu Moose Wala‘s single featured exclusively on JioSaavn was sung in collaboration with Sunny Malton and was composed by The Kidd. Released on Valentine’s day, this love song describes how the singer found his love. With a mix of rap as well as soothing melody, this song is another favourite for a summertime road trip.

7. “Issa Jatt” – A party anthem, this song describes the grandeur of Jatts. With hummers whooshing past and a dark gangsta background, the video of this song is complete with the swag associated with them. “Issa Jatt” also features Sunny Malton who raps in several parts of the song.

8. “Tochan” – Originating from the word tow-chain, a competition which is common in the rural areas of Punjab, the video of this song revolves around the concept. With over 100 million views, this song has a lively rhythm and became an instant hit. This song was written by Sidhu Moose Wala and produced by Byg Byrd.


9. “Trend” – A dope song describing the artist’s journey of success. Like the song “Selfmade“, this song throws light on the life of the trendsetter Sidhu Moose Wala. This song was sung in collaboration with Snappy.

10. “I’m Better Now” – Another of the few love songs from the singer, this one is about the heart-wrenching journey of the protagonist’s love story. The video of the song compliments the lyrics of heartbreak as the singer sees his ex-lover happily married to another man. Directed by Snappy and officially released by T-Series, this song sets the mood of post-breakup blues for many.

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