11 Things We Learned About Divya Kumar on Talking Music

Divya Kumar is a true-blue Ishaqzaada. No points for guessing that his one true love is music! While he came into the spotlight with “Aafaton Ke Parinde” in Ishaqzaade, the road to stardom wasn’t a cakewalk for him. Despite being part of Kalyanji Anandji’s troupe, and hailing from a family of musicians, Divya found it hard to make his mark. We were surprised when we heard he got rejected in the first round of auditions at Indian Idol.

Perseverance, his family’s support, and his talent finally came through. Now, millions have fallen for Divya’s rustic voice. During his conversation with our host Kirthi, we learned about Divya’s emotional roller-coaster. Here’s a glimpse of what happened when Divya Kumar got Talking Music with Kirthi Shetty.

1. A LOT of People Mistake Divya Kumar with Divya Kumar Khosla

When host Kirthi Shetty pretended he was interviewing Divya Kumar Khosla (actress, director, and wife of Bhushan Kumar), Divya Kumar didn’t lose a beat, and hilarity ensued.

2. Divya Is a Big Arijit Singh Fanboy. Just Like All of Us.

He called Arijit the voice of God, and gave us goosebumps by telling us how brilliant Arijit sounds when he sings a ghazal. Can’t wait to hear both of them on one track!

3. Divya Ko Mannat Ke Paas Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

A big Shah Rukh Khan fan, Divya sits outside SRK’s house, Mannat, whenever he feels stressed. In fact, he looks up to SRK to inspire him through tough times.

4. Divya Unintentionally Stresses and Surprises His Family.

Divya ‘forgot’ to tell his mother that his big debut song was coming on TV.

5. Language Is No Bar for Divya.

He sang Padmaavat’s “Khalibali in Tamil and Telugu. He can also sing in Marathi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Kannada… okay, we’re gonna stop counting now.

6. Ain’t No Music School for This Rockstar.

He says he got his singing skills from his mom’s genes. And, whatever little he learnt about music was by just observing his grandfather, father, and then by working with stalwarts like Sachin-Jigar.

7. Divya Found His Voice and Calling Without His Father’s Support.

Despite his father being a 40-year music veteran, Divya strived to carve his own path. We commend him for choosing the more arduous path. Plus: what an inspiring father-son relationship!

8. He’s Not Beyond Auditioning.

Whenever he’s asked to sing a scratch to see if his voice is right for the song, he’s completely modest and game for it. He was the initial choice for hits like Ghagra and Saree Ke Fall Sa, but he has no regrets whatsoever.

9. He Has an Album in the Works Now. Woot!

He feels the indie scene is very cluttered, but something big is in the works now.

10. He. Hates. Remakes.

Although his take on “Kaavaan Kaavaan” in Farhan Akhtar’s Lucknow Central is flawless, he feels the ‘original’ one will always be Sukhwinder Singh’s. And as for our opinion on the huge influx of ‘90s remakes? We’re just grateful for having two takes of one classic song!

11. He’s Not Impressed by Kirthi Shetty’s Aalaaps.

 Keep trying Kirthi – you’ll get there eventually.

Can’t get enough Divya Kumar? Listen to the entire episode of Talking Music with Kirthi Shetty… right now!

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