5 Awesome Artists Share their #ThoughtsOn Crazy Fans, Pet Peeves, and More!

Interviewing the biggest names in South Asian music is always both fascinating and inspiring. Still, since becoming a superstar artist or band is serious business, we do our best to lighten the mood, whenever we get the chance! It’s our way of surprising our favorite musicians, and discovering the first thing that comes to mind when we put them on the spot. Watch below to get:

1. Badshah‘s #ThoughtsOn Hip-Hop

The reigning ? king ? of #DesiHipHop shares his views on the current scene.

2. Dwayne DJ Bravo‘s #ThoughtsOn Crazy Fans

The superstar cricketer and singer tells us about the time a fan ran onto set…only to hand him a cell phone! Guess who it was?

3. The Yellow Diary‘s #ThoughtsOn Musical Influences

The Hindi rockers tell us where their inspiration comes from. Spoiler: it’s from within!

4. Raja Kumari‘s #ThoughtsOn Vision Boards

The fearless Raja Kumari tells us how she achieved her goals.

5. Shadow & Light‘s #ThoughtsOn Pet Peeves

The fusion duo tell us what gets on their nerves: being fussy, social media, and more!

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