5 Times Atif Aslam Melted Our Hearts

When it comes to blending Sufism with indie pop in the South Asian music industry, several names make the list. But it is the one and only Atif Aslam who has popularized the trend more than other singer. With songs like, “Pehli Nazar Mein”, “Piya O Re Piya”, “Be Intehaan”, and “Paniyon Sa”, Atif has earned countless fans as well as accolades.

Atif’s Bollywood journey began with the song “Woh Lamhein” from the movie Zeher. From then on, life as he knew it changed forever. It is also well known that apart from being an adroit singer, Atif is also a great human being. His warm gestures towards his fans prove why he rules millions of hearts.

Let’s look at some of the moments that made us fall in love with this kind and generous “Tere Sang Yaara” singer.

When Atif reimagined “Lambi Judaai

Atif made a huge impact when he sang “Lambi Judaii” during an award show, in the presence of late singer Reshma. Atif’s rendition moved her, and the entire auditorium, to tears. Even though it’s been years since this performance, it is still considered to be one of the great homages from one singer to another.


When Atif protected a woman from harassment 

Apart from his versatile approach as a singer, his sympathetic nature makes him second-to-none in the business. During one of his live concerts in Karachi, he stopped the band in the middle of a song when he spotted something fishy in the crowd. He walked towards the edge of the stage and pointed towards a girl who was allegedly being molested by a man. He immediately called for security personnel to fix the matter and even pulled the woman up on the stage to make sure she was safe. This act of kindness and bravery earned him more just a round of applause, he earned everyone’s respect that night. 


When Atif serenaded a young couple

As a singer, Atif has become more and more popular with every passing year, and there are stories from his concerts that will live on forever. Out of the several special moments in a person’s life, one of the most precious is possibly being proposed to; and when that happens in front of your favorite artist, the joy only multiplies. One of Atif’s fans in New Jersey took his marriage proposal to a whole new level by asking the love of his life to marry him during his live concert. When Atif saw the proposal, he serenaded the beautiful couple by singing the chorus of “Baarish” from the film Half-Girlfriend. Atif Aslam’s generosity and his choice of song — oh so romantic — made that night unforgettable.

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When Atif welcomed his ardent fan

Ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy lunch with your favorite singer? It would be a pretty mind-blowing experience, right? Well, this is exactly what happened with a woman, who actually sat down with the Main Rang Sharbaton Ka” singer and talked about his everyday life over a meal. Laraib Jamil Dhingra was spending some quality time with her family in Dubai when she spotted the acclaimed singer eating lunch by himself. When Atif saw that she was constantly looking at him, he called her over to sit and chat with him. The two spoke for several minutes, enjoyed food, and of course, clicked a picture together.

Atif Aslam with his fans.

Source: Daily Pakistan

When it comes to his fans, Atif is neither stuck-up – nor is he shy. Instead, he is among those singers who have always welcomed his them with open arms. He understands what it feels like to be with someone you idolize, and his warm approach makes him a rare gem in the music industry.


When Atif promoted his youngest fan 

Even after becoming a well-known singer in the industry, Atif has made sure to never forget his humble beginnings, which is why he makes it a point to appreciate and encourage good talent when he comes across it. Recently, a video of a little Pakistani boy singing “Dil Diyan Gallan” went viral, and Atif made sure he praised the young vocalist, even requesting for a collaboration with him.


When Atif sang “Wish You Were Here

In the past, there have been many who have tried to typecast Atif into one genre of music. However, the singer proved them wrong when he sang songs like “Tere Sang Yaara,” and “Tu Chahiye.” He also took everyone by surprise when he joined former members of the rock band Guns ‘N’ Roses, including guitarist Slash, on stage to sing Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.” His husky voice and Slash’s acoustic skills were an outstanding combo that displayed the singer’s immense versatility.


If these reasons aren’t enough for you to fall in love with the artist and genuine human Atif Aslam is, then we’re not sure what will! 

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