7 Things We Learned about Ananya Birla on Talking Music

If we had only two words to describe her, we’d choose “philanthropist” and “singer.” But since we had her as a guest on Talking Music, we had the pleasure of more than just two words. Ananya Birla joined us in our studio, and we got to speak to her at length about haters, Bollywood, charity, music, and Mumbai slang.

Here’s what we learned about the young music sensation.

1. She’s a massive Eminem fan.

Like most of us, Ananya Birla grew up listening to Eminem‘s bars. This just proves that the rap legend’s songs inspire everyone.

2. She’s worked with really talented people.

In terms of music quality, Ananya leaves no stone unturned. For her sound she only trusts top talent like Alan Walker and Jim Beanz. She told us about how instrumental they were in making it all work. It was quite simply ‘meant to be’.

3. The kitchen is her no-go zone. 

We asked if she ever steps into the kitchen to fix herself a quick snack. Ananya said she doesn’t, because she fears she might “blow something up”. We might not trust her to make a plate of hot food, but we can surely trust her to whip up some hot tunes!

4. She’s fascinated by the santoor. 

Ananya has a serious santoor obsession, which she owes to her mother. Back when Ananya was a little girl, her mother used to play to her. She eventually got around to learning how to play the instrument.

Ananya Birla was this week's guest on Talking Music

5. She has no Bollywood aspirations. 

While she loves and respects Bollywood, she doesn’t feel like that’s the space she wants to be in. Also, she most definitely doesn’t see herself hiding and dancing behind trees in a romantic Bollywood number.

6. A berry smoothie starts her day.

Before she makes music, runs her companies, and tackles the stigma of depression in society, Ananya Birla has a berry smoothie. Now that’s a good morning.

7.  She has no time for ‘khunnas’. 

While she was in the studio with Kirthi Shetty, she managed to pick up some Mumbai slang. And, she wasted no time before using it. Her message was simple – she has no time for haters or hate.

Want to hear more from Ananya Birla? Catch the full episode of Talking Music with Kirthi Shetty, on Saavn. And remember: spread love, not khunnas.

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