8 Things We Learned About Jubin Nautiyal on Talking Music

If you haven’t heard – or heard of – Jubin Nautiyal, you’re missing out on the finer things in life! He’s the boy from the mountains who immersed himself in music, and made it big in Bollywood. At first glance, he’s tall, handsome, and calm – just like the mountains he comes from. After you spend some time with him, you realize he’s a lot more. Our super host Kirthi Shetty had the pleasure of doing just that. Here’s what we learned about the man.

1. He grew his hair out so that people would stop telling him to become an actor.

Jubin Nautiyal used to feel like his good looks were a curse. Every time he sang for someone, they couldn’t look beyond his beautiful face, and told him to try acting. Since all he wanted to do was sing, he grew his hair to cover his face.

2. Rahman told him to wait before he started his career.

When A.R. Rahman met a nervous 17-year-old Jubin Nautiyal, he told the youngster that all his voice needed was a maturity that only comes with age. Jubin followed his advice and returned to Mumbai when he turned 21.

3. The original Humma Humma was Jubin’s jam.

Jubin recalls going crazy to the original Andha Arabi Kadaloram. He remembers his younger self jumping on the bed and going absolutely wild. Fast forward to 2016, and Jubin was recreating the track. Who would’ve thought?

4. He always has time for the mountains.

Whenever Jubin feels weighed down by physical fatigue or mental stress, he escapes to the mountains. He says he can’t stay away from the mountains for too long. He feels there’s a real connection between being able to look over panoramic horizons, and broadening one’s own horizons.

5. He had some artist recommendations for us.

We asked Jubin about his favourite singer in Bollywood. And, obviously, Arijit was #1. Zuber Hashmi and Divya Kumar came in second and third. So go ahead and add their songs to your playlists.

6. He promised us no more recreations this year.

For Jubin, 2018 is going to be all about original tracks. He said he isn’t concentrating on any more remakes. He also mentioned that all the original versions are way better than his remakes. Such a humble chap!

7. He’s a rocker at heart.

Jubin has sung a whole lot of Bollywood songs in a whole lot different styles, but the singer feels that he’s a rocker at heart. He sang for us one of his original compositions called Haaye Dil. We can’t describe how good it is. You’ll have to tune into his Talking Music episode and feel it for yourself.

8. Kirthi’s voice continues to attack eardrums.

As you can see below, Kirthi’s ‘beautiful’ voice has found its newest victim. We sincerely wish Jubin Nautiyal a speedy recovery.

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