9 Things We Learned about Sajid-Wajid on Talking Music

The dynamic musical duo of Sajid-Wajid has been a consistent hit factory for decades. They began with Sonu Nigam’s debut album Deewana, and went on to make some of Salman Khan’s biggest hits, including Dabangg, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, and Tiger Zinda Hai. Over the years, their music may have evolved, but their work ethic and humility remain constant.

With chemistry, banter, and some love from Salman, they’ve become one of the biggest names in Bollywood music. This week’s episode is revealing, fun, and contains a whole lot of sibling fights. Here are nine things we learned from Sajid-Wajid’s appearance on Talking Music with Kirthi.

1. Sajid-Wajid make their best music when they’re having fun.

Most of their best hits have one thing in common – Salman Khan. They say that when Salman is around, they have a ton of fun, and that trickles down into their music.

2. They’re always after the ‘high.’

Sajid-Wajid are not in Bollywood just to make money or get famous. For them, it’s all about the high of making some fresh music.

3. Radical changes are on the way.

The duo has just got its hands on some new equipment, and claim that “the second phase of Sajid-Wajid” is on the horizon. We can’t wait to hear their new sound!

4. They’re always trying to empower female talent.

They’re always looking for fresh sounds and voices. And sometimes, that means going against the producer’s brief, and adding parts for female singers.

5. Sajid-Wajid always keep business and pleasure separate. You can ask Sohail Khan.

Instead of approaching Sohail Khan during one of the million evenings they spent chilling together, they chose to approach him professionally. After a few rejections and delays, Sajid-Wajid finally got a meeting with the man. And, when they finally met him, you can only imagine how baffled Sohail was.

6. Sajid-Wajid won trophies… for multiple colleges.

In their younger days, Sajid-Wajid couldn’t stop winning at every single college festival. They were even offered I.D. cards by multiple colleges who wanted to add some silverware to the trophy cabinet. Thug life and talent goals!


7. Sajid left Wajid on the street.

Once, a heated argument resulted in Sajid telling Wajid to get out of the car and take a rickshaw. Of course, they made up later, but Wajid reminds Sajid about that incident at every opportunity he gets.


8. The brass band inspiration you may not have expected.

Sometimes creative inspiration can come from unexpected places, which is exactly what happened to Sajid-Wajid. They claim that a brass band they heard back home at Saharanpur was the inspiration for their super-hit track “Pandeyjee Seeti.” Listen to it again, you’ll hear the track in a whole new way.

9. Kirthi shows off his ‘beautiful’ voice.

Your host Kirthi Shetty gave it everything when he sang for Sajid-Wajid. But, as you can see, Sajid-Wajid wish he didn’t give as much as he did.

Want to learn more about this talented duo? Listen to the full episode featuring Sajid-Wajid on Talking Music with Kirthi, only on Saavn.

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