A List of Arijit Singh Songs We'll Love Forever

Can’t enough of Arijit Singh? Neither can we. It turns out Bollywood can’t either. Pick any top 10 list from the past few years and at least half of the tracks will have Arijit Singh’s name next to them. With his throaty, soulful vocals and honey-dipped tones, Arijit Singh has quickly become the new king of Bollywood’s music game. The singer turned music programmer has as many hits on his roster as stars in the sky, and here are some tracks we can’t stop listening.

Nashe Si Chadh Gayi

Whether it’s the shopkeeper’s TV,  the auto guy’s radio on your way to work, or your buddy’s ringtone, everyone is tuned into this song, a full two years after it came out. And we love it that way! It’s one song that everyone should love, and we’re glad everyone does. Arijit brings his breezy charm to this song that has been listened to millions upon millions of times.

Phir Le Aya Dil

There’s a lot that makes Barfi the film it is – Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra’s heartbreaking performances, crisp cinematography, and a brilliantly layered mix of songs that round out the soundtrack. But even in a stiff contest of its perfectly moving parts, Arijit Singh’s rendition of this beautifully composed track stands out. Delivered in a ghazal style over a steady tabla, Arijit Singh showcases his range as a classically trained singer on Phir Le Aya Dil.


The one that perhaps started it all. While you might recall the more recent track with the same name, this 2012 version of Raabta from Agent Vinod is widely considered the song that made people sit up and notice Arijit Singh’s voice. A Western classical style music arrangement with piano and drums layered on Singh’s vocals in a steady timber created the kind of fresh song that Bollywood hadn’t heard before.

Tum Hi Ho

The 90s had Pehla Nasha. The 2000s had Suraj Hua Maddham. This decade has Tum Hi Ho. Each have become synonymous with their respective era, whenever anyone thinks of romance. Tum Hi Ho is that one song you play when you miss your boo, or even when they break up with you, and even when you walk down the aisle together (or watch them walk it) when you find the one. To us, this Arijit Singh track is the biggest romantic song of the decade.

Channa Mereya

One for karaoke lovers everywhere, this song features on the extremely popular soundtrack for the 2016 hit, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Ranbir Kapoor’s near-perfect lip-sync in the video, singing to the love of his life on her wedding day, made it an ageless anthem for unrequited, one-sided love affairs. But it was Arijit Singh’s smooth harmonies that made Channa Mereya climb the song charts and secure a top spot for several weeks. It’s also one JioSaavn’s top songs of all time.

Tera Yaar Hoon Main

It’s no surprise to anyone that Arijit Singh’s diverse voice and range makes him a music composer’s dream. Yet, somehow the singer delivers his best performance in soft, soaring anthems. On this particular ode to friendship, Singh pulls at our heartstrings by skillfully convincing us that he’s the kind ride-or-die friend we all need in life. If only we’d be so lucky!

Enna Sona

OK Jaanu, the movie that features this song, brought together many of the same players who collaborated for Tum Hi Ho. The winning screen team of Shradhha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur romanced each other once again to Arijit Singh’s vocals. And if the constant radio plays and downloads were anything to go by, they created and delivered their previous hit’s magic all over again. Not to mention the song’s beautifully shot black and white video, where Kapoor and Kapur tease each other like a well-worn, love-lorn couple that had us completely charmed.


Singing, producing, and creating as many songs as Arijit Singh does, it’ll only get more challenging to pick favorites from his repertoire as the years pass. Yet, if there is one of Singh’s songs we’ll probably keep coming back to, it’s this. Featured in a relatively modest 2014 production, Citylights, this song strips the musical production to a minimum and allows Arijit Singh’s vocals to breathe and therefore, shine on their own. Even the video that features Singh driving around singing his own song puts the spotlight on the singer that he rightfully deserves.

Arijit Singh songs will never go out of style. He’s a singer with generational talent, and his music is a treasure. Check out this Arijit Singh song list for these tracks and more. 

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