Afrojack's Forget the World turns five: The best tracks on the album

It’s been five years since Dutch DJ Afrojack released his one and only studio album Forget the World. Released during the peak of the EDM boom, Forget the World was an instant hit with the fans of the genre. The album not only appealed to fans of EDM but also to various mainstream audiences. Forget the World, unlike many other EDM records, was able to crossover to the mainstream with the help of various features, inspirational lyrics, and Afrojack‘s signature style of music.


The album had an array of features; from rap legends to rock icons. It featured popular artists like Snoop Dogg, Sting, Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown. The record also introduced new talents that were earlier unheard of, like Wrabel, Tyler Glenn and Spree Wilson, and gave them a platform to get discovered by music fans everywhere.

A quick trivia regarding the album is that all featured singers are male artists. Forget the World had a total of twelve tracks, and sixteen on its deluxe version. Here, we take a look at some of the best tracks on the record, and what each song represents:

1. The first single released from Afrojack‘s debut album was “As Your Friend” featuring Chris Brown. A major pop hit with the big arena feel, “As Your Friend” is a quintessential track about being in the friend-zone. The track was a major international hit for Afrojack, and another hit EDM collaboration for Chris Brown.

2. A catchy, light-hearted and inspiring hip-hop/pop track, “The Spark” became one of the best known Afrojack singles. Sung by Spree Wilson, a relatively unknown voice, “The Spark” is a feel-good song about finding your inner strength. Every time its played, it brings a smile on the face of the listener.

3. There are very few songs in the EDM genre that inspire as much as “Ten Feet Tall” does. Sung by new talent Wrabel, “Ten Feet Tall” is an uplifting tune that was loved by millions when it came out. The song starts off with a soft piano tune and gradually turns into an EDM banger. With lyrics about love, never giving up, and unparalleled belief in oneself, “Ten Feet Tall” become one of Afrojack‘s biggest hit.


4. One of Afrojack‘s most popular party songs, “Dynamite” grabbed eyeballs with a Snoop Dogg feature. The song isn’t really about anything in particular, but Snoop‘s classic 90s rap makes it a delight to listen to in a loud club or a happening house party. A combination of trap, hip-hop and EDM, “Dynamite” shows why Afrojack is one of the most diverse DJs in the world.

5. Featuring the legendary Police frontman Sting, “Catch Tomorrow” is another gem on Forget the World. Different from every other track on the record, “Catch Tomorrow” is a song about not letting a moment waste in life. With Sting’s raspy, powerful voice coupled with Afrojack‘s minimal trap and EDM beats, the song surely stands out not only on Forget the World, but on Afrojack‘s entire discography.

6. Featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa, “Too Wild” is a slow-paced hip-hop dance track that puts you in the zone. A come-down track fit for an afterparty, on “Too WildWiz Khalifa drops his usual style and raps in a slow-burn pace that elevates the track to another level. Though not released as a single, “Too Wild” gained popularity and is an important part of Afrojack‘s repertoire.

7. Featuring popular EDM vocalist Matthew Koma, “Illuminate” is another elevating tune that pushes the listeners to shine at their very best. The song has a big EDM beat explosion in the midst that clearly defines Afrojack‘s sound and displays the qualities that set him apart from other DJs. Written by Matthew Koma, a fun fact about this song is that it’s one of Afrojack‘s favorites to play during live sets.

With Forget the World, Afrojack fades away from his known dirty-dutch electro style to produce for a more diverse and mainstream audience. The album’s name is a message for Afrojack’s fans to not listen to the negativity around them, sticking to who they are, and to do what makes them really happy. It really represents the songs and the journey you go on while listening to them.

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