Arjun Vagale Selects : A Playlist by the Indian Techno Guru

For our latest offering from the #ElectronicMovement campaign, Indian techno pioneer Arjun Vagale has put together a thoughtful selection of tracks as part of a specially curated playlist. The veteran DJ and producer was also kind enough to break down each and every song, painting us a picture of the thriving techno scene around the world.

1. Belief Defect – “Deliverance

Deliverance - Belief Defect

Let’s kick off this playlist off with one of my current favorite artists, and possibly the album of the year (for me!) I’m talking about Belief Defect’s Decadent yet Depraved. “Deliverance,” in particular, is a standout track that I just can’t get over. It’s very IDM/Industrial and noisy… yet so beautiful. I would highly recommend listening to the entire album.

2. Dotwav – “NearlySilence


And we dive right in… Released on the Paranoid Dancer label, Dotwav continue their excellent production streak with “Nearly Silence.”

3. Slam – “Synchro


Slam are the OG techno heavyweights, and even after 20 odd years, they still manage to put out music consistently. They’re truly one of the most prolific artists around, which is why I respect them so much.

4. Dotdat – “The Mystery


Young Pune-based artist, DOTDAT is one to watch. He recently contributed a couple of tracks to the ODDyssey compilation on my label ODD Recordings. I’ve been hammering “The Mystery” for ages at my gigs. It always goes off!

5. Laurent Garnier – “Crispy Bacon


Very simply put, a CLASSIC you must hear. PERIOD!

6. Dax J – “Rawfield


The new-school techno master, Dax J. This is an oldie, but a goodie.

7. Arjun Vagale – “Ultrasharp


Throwing one of mine in here. “Ultrasharp” was released on my label ODD. It’s a percussive, highly effective – BANGER!

8. Moteka – “Apogee


I’ve been a big fan of French artist Moteka, and this is one of his new ones. His productions always stand out from the lot, equal parts melodic, equal parts heavy! Listen through – the break is just sinister.

9. Truncate – “Multiply


This one’s brand-new from Truncate, aka Audio Injection, aka David Flores. He’s got so much funk in his music, it’s hard not to love it.

10. Underworld – “Cowgirl


I chose to end this playlist, and article, with a track that I that I often pick to end my sets. “Cowgirl” is from Underworld’s seminal 1994 album, Dubnobasswithmyheadman. The release is very close to my heart – it was one of the first few pieces of electronic music I ever heard back in the day, and even today, it still influences me immensely as an artist.

You can listen to Arjun Vagale’s  #ElectronicMovement playlist exclusively on Saavn.

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