Unmasking ATLiens: Reality of the unearthly bass duo

It’s almost impossible to catch hold of the intergalactic bass duo, ATLiens but the good folks at Music High Court brought them down to the Indian subcontinent a few months back for a neck-wrecking tour.

We got an opportunity to jump on their spaceship and uncover the creatures behind the extraterrestial masks. It took us a while to recover from the mayhem, hence the delay. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Obvious question first, why did you guys decide to go incognito? What was the inspiration/motive behind this move?

We wanted to remove the human aspect of the music. It is truly about the fan and music experience. When you come to an ATLiens show, our fans are there for an experience they won’t forget.

When in your career, did you decide to put on the masks? Was it a spontaneous decision or planned from day one?

We’ve always had these faces!

How would you describe your anonymity: secretive or hidden or something else altogether?

Fully secretive. It’s important that we remain anonymous so that fans can appreciate the art over all else.

Why is it so important for the guys to stay at large? Does it help you to concentrate on music more?

Touring constantly is very stressful, and definitely makes it hard to work on music. We use the time off at home to get in the studio and work on music.


We saw some videos of your previous tours and learned, you’ve been as concerned with the visual as with the sonic aspect of music. How would you describe your aesthetic?

We try to keep a very dark, mysterious aesthetic. Visuals are a critical part of our Performance. But really we just do us, we have always been on the darker side of things.

For someone who hasn’t ever heard an ATLiens track, how would you describe your signature sound to them?

It’s really hard to put a name to what we make. Its “ATLiens music” haha. We don’t really see ourselves bound by a genre. If you haven’t heard an ATLiens song, listen and let us know what you think.

What are the successful ingredients of a hit live show in your opinion?

The top sound system, great lighting, great production, and a crowd with a high energy. We really vibe off of the crowd. When the people are having a good time, we’re having a good time.


According to you, what is the state of dance music in India compared to the rest of the world?

It is thriving and we love it. India seems like the people here truly care about dance music, they voice their opinion and what they are excited about and we LOVE being able to interact with passionate fans.

Any special message for your Indian fans?

Love you guys, thank you so much for supporting our music, means the world!

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