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Alan Walker, the 21-year-old Norwegian record producer and DJ, took the electronic music industry by storm with the release of the global smash hit “Faded“. The song, the first official single released by Walker, garnered worldwide attention turning him into an exciting talent to look forward to.

Ever since “Faded“, Walker has had a string of hits. His repertoire of music has only expanded since 2015. Walker, who loves experimenting with moods and sounds, has released an array of tunes that can be blasted at a party in a club as well as at small, quiet gatherings.

Let’s take a look at 10 essential Alan Walker tracks (apart from “Faded“, of course):

1. “All Falls Down” – One of the most well-known tracks by Walker, it features Noah Cyrus, Digital Farm Animals and Juliander. An uplifting track about breaking-up, “All Falls Down” reminds you to move on no matter how bad things get.

2. “Different World” – On this song, Walker addresses environmental issues our world is facing. He urges all of us to unite to create a ‘different world’. The song also has K-391, Sofia Carson and CORSAK.

3. “Darkside” – Released as the second chapter of the World of Walker trilogy, “Darkside” serves as the sequel to “All Falls Down“. Au/Ra and Tomine Harket appear alongside Walker. The lyrics talk about a relationship in which the lines of reality are blurred.

4. “Legends Never Die” (Alan Walker Remix) – A track remixed by Walker, “Legends Never Die” is bouncy, positive and fresh. It serves as an ode to the people who start little but come out big.

5. “Tired” – Vibrant and beautiful, “Tired” was released in 2017 with vocals by Gavin James. Slower and more laid-back than other Walker tracks, it is a song about finding inner strength in the bleakest of circumstances.

6. “Ignite” – A song by electronic musician K-391 featuring Alan Walker, “Ignite” is a vocal edit of its eponymous instrumental version. South Korean singer Seungri and Norwegian singer-songwriter Julie Bergan appear on the vocal version. Walker debuted the track during his performance at Coachella 2018.

7. “The Spectre” – Moody and ambient in nature, “The Spectre” is a remastered vocal version of Walker’s earlier release “Spectre“. A track with vague, ambiguous lyrics, the song is about love, loss and life.

8. “Routine” – An instrumental track featuring David Whistle, “Routine” is a high-spirited and a feel-good track. It sees both Walker and Whistle go back to their instrumental roots.

9. “Sing Me to Sleep” – Another extremely popular track, “Sing Me to Sleep” features vocals by Norwegian singer Iselin Solheim. It’s a chunky, well-crafted piece of music that can both calm you as well as pump you up.

10. “Move Your Body” (Alan Walker Remix) – A rework of Sia’s hit single, “Move Your Body” completely changes the original track into a bonafide club banger. The song was featured on the deluxe edition of Sia’s album This is Acting.

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