Unplugged with Bhuvan Bam from BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines is a home-brewed video channel that has made millions of netizens smile but Bhuvan Bam, the man behind the lens still claims music is first love.

In a candid interview, Bhuvan went OnRecord and talked about his new single Bas Mein as well as his musical career.

1. Letʼs start by unwrapping your layers one by one, youʼve always said, “Music is my profession and passion,” how has been your journey as a singer and performer compared to a YouTuber?

My journey has been quite a rollercoaster ride. I started playing in a restaurant which helped me get over my insecurities and stage fear. I always wanted to be on a stage surrounded by thousands of people singing my songs back at me. Being a YouTuber is completely different because, by the time I started my channel, I was confident enough to consider myself as an entertainer.

2. In almost all interviews, you have talked about your journey as a YouTuber but not everyone is aware of Bhuvan the musician, where did it all start?

During college, I started performing in a trio in a Mughlai restaurant in Delhi. Then I got bored of singing Bollywood covers and decided to write my own songs. Writing has been my passion since childhood. I scored decent marks in impromptu essays in school. Maybe thatʼs when my love for writing took birth.

3. At the beginning of one of your original tracks, “Teri Meri Kahani,” you talk about how most of the musical content these days revolves around “Lamborghini, mere baap ki gaadi,” how is your music is different from anything is that is currently out there in the market?

My music and lyrics have always been influenced by the likes of Rafi, Kishore, Manna Dey, Lucky Ali. The songs which speak to me and relate with me are my kind of songs.

4. Talking about your new music, tell us about the songwriting and production of “Bas Mein”.

“Bas Mein” is a different song with a club vibe to it. Itʼs different from my previous songs. Music production has been done by Omkar Tamhan with whom Iʼve produced my other songs as well.

5. Some of your BB Ki Vines characters are inspired by different people that youʼve met, what inspired you to make “Bas Mein”?

“Bas Mein” is a product of random jamming. I had no intentions to write it but it happened overnight. Took us (Omkar and I) almost 6 hours to compose the scratch.

6. All your songs till date have had a personal approach towards narrating a story, is “Bas Mein” on the same lines? Whatʼs the idea behind the track as well as the music video?

“Bas Mein” is about a girl trying to entice a guy and him running away from her. The music video is a bit funny with some surprises.

7. From “Teri Meri Kahani” to “Bas Mein”, how would you describe your evolution as a musician?

I have evolved a lot, my lyrics have evolved a lot. Iʼve started listening to the artists whoʼve been great lyricists and maybe thatʼs helping me learn more.

8. What do you want people to take away from your music?

The hook line!

9. How do you think BB Ki Vines has impacted your singing career? Does it in any way hinder your songwriting process in terms of devoting time or coming up with new ideas?

BB Ki Vines has in-fact helped me a lot in composing music. Writing comedy is a different task altogether. Whenever Iʼm done writing for my youtube channel, I switch to my keyboard and guitar. I keep jamming and humming random melodies. Music is my escape route!

10. While the success of a song these days is measured on the basis of the number of streams or views, what is the definition of success for you as a musician?

For me, success is people singing your songs back to you at concerts!

11. How is producing a track different or similar to developing a BB Ki Vines video?

Thereʼs not much of a difference. Both take time and are against the concepts of deadlines!

12. Everyone wants to know how much earn but youʼve mentioned a couple of times, “I havenʼt yet earned anything through comedy.” Would it be wrong to say that BB Ki Vines is possible only because of your career as a musician?

I think itʼs the other way round. Iʼm sending out my music to millions just because I have an audience courtesy BB Ki Vines. Through Instagram and a few music videos, Iʼve made it clear that music is something which I wonʼt stop doing.

13. At the moment, independent artists are producing some of the best music in the country and youʼre one of the frontrunners here, what is your take on the current scenario of independent music and shift in the thought process of “Bollywood is everything.”

I think independent music is still true to itself. The rawness and relatability factor is much more than those in Bollywood songs. Remakes have in disguise encouraged independent artists to write & produce more original stuff.

14. Social media is an inevitable element of our generation, in your opinion, how important do you think is an artistʼs social media presence in the todayʼs world?

Social media is quite an important aspect in an artistʼs life. I believe marketing a song is as important as producing it.

15. With so many people looking up to you and having achieved so much at such a young age, do you feel under any pressure of being an idol to millions?

I feel the pressure of being better each day. Not every work of yours will get the same reception but the best one can do is to stay true to his/her work.

16. When you are working on a new piece of content, be it a YouTube video or a new song, do you ever get bothered by the fact that you have to outdo the previous one and set a higher bar of expectation every time?

I feel that a song or a sketch is only about vibe. Each has a different vibe to it. Some might click with the audience, others might fail.

17. When it comes down to making new content, hitting big numbers is one thing but sustaining that run and delivering back-to-back hits is the difficult task. Does the fear of failure ever bother you?

Failure does bother me, but not working hard on a project and going ahead with it does more. At times you tend to let go of some minor glitches which in return harm your craft. When youʼre confident of your product, no matter what people think, you should be proud of it even after 10 years!

18. Concluding the interview, if you had to choose either BB Ki Vines or Bhuvan the musician, what would you choose and why?

I get this a lot. Iʼd say Iʼll do one at a time.