Bom Diggy, Perfectionism, and Filet-o-Fish: 12 Questions with Jasmin Walia

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Bom Diggy’s release on Artist Originals, we chatted to Jasmin Walia about the creation of the song, the impact it’s had, and her plans for the future!

1. Tell us about the process of recording “Bom Diggy.” How did you and Zack collaborate to create the song?

It came about very naturally, we were just in the studio making songs, and we started jamming. We were choosing sounds together and then all of a sudden, we were on a roll — he made the beat in about an hour!

It wasn’t till we heard it the next day, on our way to a gig, that we realized this had huge potential.

Then we got back in the studio and kept going back and forth, because the drop wasn’t quite there yet. Finally, we nailed it!


2. When you were in the studio together, did you realize that you were going to be creating one of the independent South Asian songs of the Internet era? Did you feel the magic?

When we were making this song, I absolutely loved it.

Zack needed a bit more convincing at first, but as soon as the music kept playing, I fell in love — and then he did after the drop was created.

I had absolutely no idea how huge the song was going to be, it’s amazing!

I think when you’re creating music, you always aim for it to be the best it can be, but you never really know if it’s going to be a hit or not, until it’s released. 



3. Has your career been affected by the success of “Bom Diggy”? Did you notice any sort of positive impact from the massive reach of the song?

Nothing but positives have come from this song! It’s helped us put our name in Bollywood, which is what I always wanted to get involved in. We attended the IIFA awards, and had our own Snapchat filter — I mean that’s every girl’s dream, I think! Haha!


4. Was there a moment when you realized — wow, this is massive! Perhaps someone sharing a video with you, or hearing it on the radio, or a friend calling you up?

Definitely when I saw Bollywood actors using our Snapchat filter, and Katrina Kaif dancing to our song. Actually, there were so many of these moments. It was really such a great feeling. I think when we got told Dillon Francis wanted to do a remix of our song, I was like: “this is huge!” 


5. In your opinion, what factors or musical elements made Bom Diggy the smash hit that it is?

I think it was the combination of Indian and Western sounds. 


6. Give us a funny moment, experience, or memory from the recording or shoot of Bom Diggy.

This one’s a bit of a laugh. Zack and I actually had a huge argument on set, because I told the guy ordering food to get him a chicken burger, while he actually wanted a Filet-o-Fish! 

The experience of the shooting was amazing, but so stressful for Zack and me. I was in charge of doing the choreography for the video, and on the day, we found ourselves running out of time. We only had 40 mins to shoot the whole dance sequence, but I’m glad it worked out! 


7. Best thing about being Jasmin Walia?

I think I’m quite fun to be around! Haha!


8. Toughest thing about being Jasmin Walia?

I am very critical about myself, and I’m a perfectionist… which means that I am a huge workaholic. 


9. How would your parents describe you?



10. What’s the hardest challenge you’ve overcome?

I’ve had quite a few of these, but I think it has to be learning how to sing in Hindi and Punjabi. I only started singing in languages other than English 10 months ago.


11. What are your hopes, aspirations, and dreams for your career?

My hope is that I build up a big enough fanbase, so that anywhere I travel, my music is recognized. I also hope to perform at a recognized music awards ceremony. 


12. Where is independent South Asian music headed, in your opinion?

It’s heading for the top. The new generation is about to come through! 

Can’t get enough “Bom Diggy”? Neither can we. You can listen to it again (and again, and again) on Saavn now!

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