Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike talk about new single, Salman Khan, and Tomorrowland

If you know what EDM stands for, we’re sure you are aware of the acronym DV&LM! The Belgian brothers, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have been around for more than a decade but every time they release a new track, it sounds fresher than ever!

Their latest project with Era Istrefi, “Selfish” is a piece of evidence that the sky is the limit when it comes to experimenting with new sounds and how their painstakingly thorough vision makes them one of the most fearless acts in the dance music circuit

The Kings of Tomorrowland went OnRecord about their new single, relationship with Salman Khan, love for India, solo careers and of course, what’s next for them in 2019!

Right off the bat, we simply love your latest track “Selfish” and we think it’s the summer anthem for this year! Tell us something about the songwriting and production process?

Dimitri Vegas: Thank you for the support. We love this record. We’re super proud of the final outcome. We had an idea to do a tropical flavored twist on the Toto ‘Africa’ melody. It was actually something we’d had in mind for some time but we just weren’t able to execute on the idea because our touring schedule was so busy. When we finally get into the studio, the track just seemed to come together and it all gelled together with Era’s top line which brings something very unique to the track.

We see you worked with Era Istrefi on “Selfish.” How did she end up on the final project?

Like Mike: We love Era and the music she makes! Her voice is incredible and the both of us noticed her a couple of years back and felt she’d bring a killer vocal to one of our records. So we had our team reach out, everyone connected and well the rest is what turned into the new single “Selfish.”

Global collaborations are nothing new for you guys, what intrigues us is how do you guys choose your vocalists and collaborators?

Like Mike: It’s very simple, we only work with artists who we both respect and whose music we both have a deep feeling for. Otherwise, it just doesn’t work. We’re a duo, so it has to be a fair agreement that the music makes sense otherwise we just don’t get into it.

Dimitri Vegas: For us, it has to be a passion project, or we can’t commit.

What was the inspiration behind your sound on “Selfish”?

Dimitri Vegas: It’s about being selfish with the one you love. We all love to party, lead busy lives, have friends to see, and so much more keeping us busy, but this is about the other person wanting to spend time with you.

How do you decide on the sound/genre for new music?

Like Mike: Anyone that has followed our career will know we aren’t fixed to one sound. We just create the music we love. What comes out of the creative process could be anything from trap to tropical house to house or even rap, it’s a melting pot of genres and we love to keep fans guessing what’s next.

How would you describe your signature sound to someone who hasn’t ever heard your music? Which three tracks would you suggest them to listen to in the first go?

Dimitri Vegas: Our sound has a big stage feel to it, it’s designed for festivals and arenas.

Three tracks of ours would be:

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, David Guetta feat. Kiiara – “Complicated
Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike feat. Wiz Khalifa – “When I Grow Up
Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix, Like Mike – “Tremor

Talking about your sound, you guys were on the forefront for putting big room house on the map; what do you think of the state of this particular genre?

Dimitri Vegas: Dance music has become such a global force today. Our scene is continuing to grow in new areas of the world. It’s never been healthier than right now. DJs are the rock stars of this generation.

What do you think of the current sound of the dance music industry in general?

Like Mike: We love it! The scene is blessed with so many talented producers and artists today. The sound of the electronic scene is in a strong position!

This one is specifically for Mike, in 2018 you released solo tracks; we would like to know how was this experience different? Can we expect more tracks from Like Mike in 2019?

Like Mike: Releasing my own material outside of DV&LM is something new. It, of course, felt a little strange at first, but Dimitri understands and supports my musical ambitions. We are still both as passionate about DV&LM as we have ever been, but we also have aims we want to do. I’d been working on some cool tracks, which don’t really fit with our sound, so I decided to release them separately to not confuse fans. I have a lot more materials, in fact, an album’s worth, so you will hear more from my solo material soon!


That makes us wonder, what are the pros and cons of producing music as well as touring with family?

Like Mike: For us, we’re lucky. We get along, we understand each other and know how to give the other one space. We share the same ideas and goals. If anything we feel it gives us an advantage over other artists because we both have such a strong desire to achieve our goals.

Coming to Dimitri, you ventured into acting as well; do you think this has affected your music in any way possible? Additionally, are you starring in movies bound to release in 2019?

Dimitri Vegas: No, not at all. If anything, it has probably helped. I am getting lots of inspiration from film scores as I am absorbing more and more from the movie world. Yes, I’ve been announced for a new film called “Shill” and also George C. Romero’s “Rise” – the follow up to cult-horror “Night Of The Living Dead.” Plus some other projects in the pipeline which I’ll be announcing soon.

Let’s talk about your relationship with India; you’ve played in this country since the time the dance music scene was in its elementary stages, how do you think, the scene has changed over the years in India?

Dimitri Vegas: Dance music in India is a true passion for the fans there! We have loved our time in the country and experiences at the events in the country are wild. India has become one of the countries in the world which has the craziest fans you’ll find anyway!

A couple of years back, when you were here, you posted pictures chilling with Salman Khan giving birth to a plethora of rumors of you working on a project with him. Would it be possible for you to provide us with any insights if any of it is true?

Dimitri Vegas: We have a great relationship with Salman but we are all very busy so, for now, there is nothing to confirm but who knows what the future will bring!

It’s been a while that you’ve played here. Do you have any plans of hitting the Indian shores soon?

Like Mike: We hope to return very soon. Where would the fans like us to play?

Delving into festivals, being the ‘Kings of Tomorrowland’, you have grown with the festival and it is a dream for every dance music artist to perform there; what makes Tomorrowland so special and can you tell us about what it is like to play at one of the biggest music festivals in the world?

Dimitri Vegas: Tomorrowland is a magical place. For us and many dance music fans around the globe, it is home. Being a part of the festival and performing on the mainstage is an experience unlike anything else on the plant and we are very proud to be a part of the Tomorrowland family.

If you have to summarize a DV&LM live set, how would you do it?

Like Mike: The biggest, most insane party show you’ll ever experience!

Tomorrowland is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and bringing back ‘The Book Of Wisdom,’ have you done any special preparations for this edition?

Like Mike: Yes we’re working on a lot of very special things for this anniversary edition! Stay tuned…

What can we expect from you in 2019 as producers and performers?

Like Mike: A lot of new music is coming…
Dimitri Vegas: …and a run of headline shows at the biggest festivals and events in the world. It’s going to be a very busy 2019 on the road and in the studio!