Editor's Pick of the Week - June 22, 2018

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This week was a treat for electronic and contemporary music fans with the release of Kamasi Washington’s ‘Heaven and Earth,’ along with more music from Dusty Kid, X-Altera, La Fraicheur, Pllush and Animal Parts.

A fantastic debut of Mischa Blanos and the unforgettable Carter family completes the picture of the best music from last week.

Below, you’ll find a short review of my favorites:

Mischa Blanos – Second Nature


This German genius is one of those rare artists that is broadening the electronic music structure from within. I believe that Electronic Music is still in the process of carving its identity as a music genre and albums like these will influence the coming of next age electronic music. The very best of an electronic artist comes out when they go beyond the analog sounds and this is a profound album when it comes to that. In his debut, Mischa shows a polygonal graph of piano and calls the genre ‘Neoclassical/Acoustic Electronic’.

Kamasi Washington – Heaven and Earth


This is a monumental album for Contemporary Jazz. The stronghold of Kamasi’s Jazz studiousness is synoptically embraced by an Electronic sheath. Carefully placed choir pads recluse the essence of Kamasi’s characteristic gospel influences, while the production unilaterally makes this a milestone of genre bending style.

It’s an hourlong album, with both sides and Discogs reported there is still 40 minutes of material which is unreleased at this time.

X-Altera – X-Altera


The Dubstep/Jungle Kingpin Tadd Mullinix has been making music for more than two decades via his many, many aliases. Now, he’s launched his latest moniker – X-Altera. This album lies somewhere at the border of Jungle and Techno and that goes very well with the name X-Altera, which in Latin means, “from or of the other side.” This is a very versatile album overall but also very precisely set in tone.

La Fraicheur – Self Fulfilling Prophecy


Known for her extensive DJ skills with her signature sound of powerful and emotionally-charged techno sets, La Fraicheur has set course for an unknown yet eccentric electronic territory. In her 10 year long career this is probably the most experiential work. It may be good or may be weird, but definitely not ignorable.


Pllush – Stranger to the Pain


Whereas on earlier releases, singer/guitarist Karli Helm merely teased her vocal abilities, here she fully embraces her natural pop-tinged mastery, sounding far more like a contemporary of Kate Bush and Alicia Keys, pushing the boundaries of the Rock and Roll genre while layering dizzying harmonies over an instrumental track.

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