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Every Friday, hundreds of new songs reach the world’s ears for the first time. Our editors hand-pick the very best, updating the playlist weekly to keep you ahead of the curve.

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This week, we received full-length albums from Kid Cudi & Kanye West, Jorja Smith, Lykke Li, Yellow Days, Blow, M. Ward, and Willaris. K. We also received some crisp EPs from Lea Porcelain and Baba Stiltz.

We also received singles from Interpol, The Vaccines, TS Graye, Otha and others. 

Below, we dissect the tunes that stood out.

M. Ward – What A Wonderful Industry


Being part of four music groups, M. Ward is a very seasoned musician. On this solo album, he recites about the melancholia of the music industry from all sides. In his own words: “This is a record inspired by people in the industry I have known—heroes and villains in equal measure.”



The famous rhythmic style of Kid Cudi is excellently smooth on this album. The recent rehab attendee surpasses all his earlier work on the title track, “Kids See Ghosts.” This album also witnesses some of Kanye’s best verses in recent memory.


Yellow Days – Is Everything Okay In Your World?


18 year-old Yellow Days excels in delivering “sub pop” releases – music that surfaces under the pop wave but floats effortlessly between soothing R&B and Indie. We can definitely hear that his soul is intact on Is Everything Okay In Your World? In his own words, ‘We’re all so comfortable and settled most of the time that the day to day can become hard. Hopefully my music can help.’


Blow – Vertigo


Blow is one of the very few groups who balances modern electronic and analog sounds in a eurythmic way. This album is not just a bedroom listening piece but also suitable for your post evening parties.

Nova One – secret princess


secret princess is a pleasingly dystopian, postmodern rock’n’roll album that dismisses all normative codes in popular music. Historically, archetypal “girl groups” have been not received the prestige they deserve in the pop canon. Perhaps that’s about to change. secret princess offers an earworm, indie pop tribute to the mod and post-punk movements. It’s a truly endearing contribution to the world of music.

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