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In recent times, very few artists have had a climb like Guru Randhawa. The singer has not only taken the charts by storm, but has also stacked up records one after the other. The Punjabi hit-maker has come so far, that his latest collaboration is with Miami’s superstar Pitbull for the new single “Slowly Slowly“.


Ever since Guru Randhawa emerged onto the scene, he has delivered one chartbuster after another. He’s had a meteoric rise in Bollywood. That’s not surprising as the singer has a natural talent to belt out hits.

Be it his international phenomenon “Lahore“, or the wild club hit “Suit“, Guru’s music fits everywhere – from wedding functions to millennial parties.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best songs by Guru Randhawa:

1. “Lahore” – One of Randhawa’s biggest hits, “Lahore” is a peppy track that is both romantic and a song to dance to. Composed and written by Randhawa himself, the track was a major career booster for the young pop-star.

2. “High Rated Gabru” – The song that brought Randhawa in front of a large mainstream audience, “High Rated Gabru” is lively and fun-loving. Randhawa obsesses over his lover and sings in his soulful voice with soft electronic beats in the background.

3. “Made in India” – A track about the beauty found in India, “Made in India” is a textbook nightclub banger. Written and composed by Randhawa, it follows the same formula that has made him famous.


4. “Ishare Tere” – Sung by Guru Randhawa and Dhvani Bhanushali, “Ishare Tere” is another sure-shot party anthem. The track was a huge hit and can be heard being blasted at functions across India.

5. “Downtown” – One of the most versatile tracks in Randhawa’s repertoire, “Downtown” starts off slow only to turn into a full-fledged electronic/trap mash-up with a melodious undertone.

6. “Patola” – Even if you are not a fan of Punjabi music, it is highly unlikely that you have never heard this song. Featuring rapper Bohemia, “Patola” is a quintessential hit in Randhawa’s career. The track was also featured in the movie Blackmail.


7. “Suit” – Another song you have undoubtedly heard, “Suit” is one of the most popular songs to come out of the Indian pop-music scene in the past 10 years. The song was also part of the soundtrack for the movie Hindi Medium.

8. “Fashion” – Composed by Rajat Nagpal, the song was one of the first hit of Randhawa’s career. It incorporates a number of genres, ranging from electronic to trap, and is an uplifting song.

9. “Ban Ja Rani” – Taken from the movie Tumhari Sulu, this song is another hit Bollywood hit borrowed from an earlier Punjabi song. This track is different from what Randhawa has done before as he maneuvers his voice and fit it perfectly with the music.

10. “Slowly Slowly” – This is where Guru Randhawa goes international. A collaboration with Pitbull, “Slowly Slowly” is a sure-shot party hit. Randhawa sings alongside Pitbull’s usual rapping to create a track that is high-spirited and exciting.

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