Harrdy Sandhu talks about his journey from practice nets to recording studios

After playing cricket for nearly a decade, Hardevinder Singh Sandhu shifted his focus to singing after suffering an injury that effectively ended his career in 2007. However, the actor-singer, who was already called Harrdy Sandhu by his teammates, excelled in his second career choice.

“Cricket, for me, is life,” says the former fast bowler for Punjab. He will be playing the role of cricketer Madan Lal in the upcoming movie 83, about India’s first world cup victory. Starring alongside Ranveer Singh, Sandhu will be seen on the 22-yard pitch soon. “It was my dad’s dream for me to play for India. It was my dream to win the World Cup. What I couldn’t do in real life because of an unfortunate injury, I am going to do that in the reel life,” Sandhu wrote in an Instagram post.


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Sandhu, whose catalog includes hits such as “Kya Baat Ay” and “Hornn Blow“, released a new single in March titled “Yaarr Superstaar“. A song about friendship, Sandhu says that the song is dedicated to all his friends who he cannot meet because of his busy schedule. “All my friends are distant due to various circumstances and I did this song especially for them,” he says.

The Patiala-born singer first picked up the microphone at the age of four, “My family asked to sing at a family wedding.”

Coming from a family with no musical background, the 32-year-old made it big in the industry without any formal training. “I never opted for any professional music or singing training,” he quips.

But then how does he know if a song has been successful? “I measure the success of my song from feedback from the live audience. If the audience starts singing the song along with you, you know it’s a hit,” Sandhu says.

Speaking about some of his hits, he says he did “Joker” for his personal satisfaction. Playing the role of a mute clown, the Punjabi singer sings about unrequited love.

Another hit of his is “Soch.” “I did a lot of hard work on “Soch,” he says. He credits this song as the turning point of his career. “After “Soch”, things changed overnight.”

A recreated version of the song by Arijit Singh featured in the Akshay Kumar-starrer Airlift. Speaking of it, Sandhu says, “I wasn’t aware that “Soch” has been used in Airlift until someone shared a video link with me.” However, he is not bothered by it, “Even though I did not know of it, I firmly believe that the audience loved the original “Soch” much more.”

Harrdy’s success did not come without its fair share of struggles, “I failed to record “Hornn Blow” multiple times for a year, after recording two slow songs. I went into depression because I was not able to record, and I didn’t have any shows.”

A strong believer in numerology, Sandhu changed his name because of it. “That’s the reason I changed my name spelling from Hardy to Harrdy, adding an extra R,” he comments.

The “Backbone” singer concludes with a surprising revelation, “Some time ago, I stopped listening to it, as all Punjabi music sounded the same to me.”