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What makes hip-hop the biggest influencer of global street style?
Music and fashion have been key drivers of pop culture around the world.
Nowhere is this more apparent than in hip-hop, which inspires much of the way we dress, speak, and party — the world over. Aside from being an industry in its own right, hip-hop is so powerful that it can actually support ancillary industries too. For proof, just look at the global casual sneaker market. Hip-hop and sneakers have been intertwined since the very beginning. In fact, the popularity of sneakers as a style statement (and not just athletic wear) can be attributed to the growth of hip-hop around the world. The realm of the hip-hop lifestyle industry extends beyond this to clothing, dance and even sports. 
One study estimates that the hip-hop lifestyle industry generates more than $10 billion per year in America alone. What makes it such an immersive cultural experience? Why do fans embrace it so deeply, at a level beyond music, making it part of their cultural identity? We made our way to Homegrown Street – India’s premier sneaker and street culture festival — to answer these questions.
Music Courtesy: Prabh Deep/Aazadi Records
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