Hindi Party Songs That Will Keep You Dancing Long Into The Night

So… you’ve decided to host a party! But…

… between all the arrangements for biryani, decorations, and the guest list

… you entirely forgot about the playlist!

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The right music can make any party into a super success, while music that doesn’t set the mood right, can, well, just as easily make it a bust. Which is why we’re arming you with the perfect playlist. If you want your guests to have fun and dance the night away to the freshest, slickest Bollywood tunes, then check out these songs that are hand-selected to get you moving on the dance floor.



In the early ’90s, Bhangra fused with rap, dancehall, and pop, and exploded into global mainstream. And if we were to trace its mind-blowing appeal back to a single track, then it would be safe to say that the original “Mundian Tu Bach Ke” would be it.

With vocals and lyrics by the late Labh Janjua, and produced by Panjabi MC, this number blazed through global charts since its UK release in 1998, and was even remixed by Jay-Z. So we’re not entirely surprised that, almost 20 years later, Bollywood chose to remake it. Sung mainly by Navraj Hans, this Baaghi 2 version is a departure from the original to be sure, but we’d recommend it to create the right feels for the evening.



One of the standout tracks from the John Abraham and Manoj Bajpayee starrer Satyameva Jayate was this instant classic by Neha Kakkar. One of the first Hindi songs to cross 20 million views in under 24 hours of its release in India, this track shows no signs of slowing down. Another re-creation, this number is based on the super hit tune from the 1999-released Sirf Tum, with original vocals by Alka Yagnik. We recommend playing it in the middle of the party to watch your guests do their best body rolls.


Hawa Hawai 2.0 

It’s nearly impossible to hear this track and not think of the inimitable Sridevi rolling her saucepan eyes and dancing straight into our hearts. And while we love the original, we give this particular re-creation from Vidya Balan starrer Tumhari Sulu full points. It not only does complete justice to the original, by retaining Kavita Krishnamurthy’s vocals, but also captures its essence by adding brass instruments into the mix. Add this one to refresh the party post its peak.


Trippy Trippy 

By now it’s practically an established fact — if a song features Neha Kakkar, Bollywood’s favorite singer of the moment, then it is bound to be a hit. When you hear it in the middle of a party, you have no choice but to get up and dance. With repeated verses, familiar electronic beats, references to the ultra-popular Bhojpuri language track Kamariya Lollypop Lagelu, and Kakkar’s vocals, this song was a hit even before it released.



Yet another remake, this one is originally from Marathi film Sairat. While this list has nothing but a collection of the best current hits, if we still had to choose the biggest hit among them all, this would be it. Not only was it featured in Dhadak, one of the most anticipated movie releases of the year, but it also has an energetic drum beat in the background that we know you’ll dance to. Go ahead try it!


Disco Disco 

Bollywood has an undying love connection with this particular genre of music. While the West had moved on to Punk and House, Bollywood was still churning its best disco hits well into the late ’80s. And since then, at least a few songs come out every few years based on the theme of disco music. This particular number from A Gentleman has its heart in the right place with actual disco tunes and fat electronic beats reminiscent of that era, with an occasional ‘Wakau’ in the middle, to remind people of the genre. We recommend playing it early to get everyone warmed up.

Listen to them all right here on Saavn!


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