"'Intezaar' was born during Aashiqui 2," says Asees Kaur about her collab with Arijit Singh, Mithoon

From having one of the most streamed tracks on JioSaavn and touching millions of hearts to topping charts, Asees Kaur has had a baller year. After lending her soulful voice to multiple hit soundtracks, the “Ve Maahi” singer is showing no signs of slowing down and her latest track with Arijit Singh and Mithoon, “Intezaar” is the perfect testimonial for this claim.   

Composed and written by Mithoon, this VYRL Original is more than just a love ballad – taking inspiration from the yearning for one’s love where you continue to live in hope, even after the relationship has ended. Sounds too complex? Well, we had Mithoon and Asees discuss Behind The Tune for “Intezaar”

We also managed to sit down with Asees and throw some light on challenges she faced in the industry, her take on reality shows, shifting to Mumbai for her musical career, and so much more!

When started out by singing Gurbani, did you ever think that you’d come this far as a singer? Was singing just a hobby or did you always want to be a professional singer?

I started at a very young age, without knowing this is where I would be. All credit goes to my father for turning my hobby into passion and profession. 

What was the episode that changed your life and put singing in the front seat as your career choice? 

At the age of 16 in grade 11th my choice of subject was a turning point in my life. I ditched medical and chose commerce with the intention of singing.

What did you learn about the music industry after participating in reality shows?

Firstly, great exposure is a plus and so is networking, although I believe ones’ potential is what takes one far.

What if you were never a part of these reality shows, do you think your life would turn out to be any different?  

No harm, no gain as such was done because I believe it was the singer within that never died and had the courage to move ahead.

Coming from Haryana, how did things change when you arrived in Mumbai and what are your thoughts on Mumbai as a city, and your place in it?

Life is definitely different as compared to Haryana. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps and being a part of a city so energetic and vibrant was my wish. 

Now coming to your new track with Arijit Singh, “Intezaar.” Tell us something about the story behind this and talk us through the songwriting and production as well. 

“Intezaar” was born during Aashiqui 2. Penned by Mithoon, the team were seeking a female voice. No sooner was the emotion of the song explained to me and I was lucky enough to exhibit that emotion and texture they were looking for. 

How was it teaming up with Arijit yet again after delivering one of the most streamed tracks “Ve Maahi”? What in your opinion makes him one of the most popular singers in the world?

Singing with Arijit Singh was a dream come true and he stands out because of his hard work, passion, and faith towards his art. He is a true inspiration and cannot wait to work with him again. 

How would you describe Mithoon as a professional and as a human being? 

Mithoon is one of the spiritual beings I have met and his strong point is the ability to give freedom and space to the artiste and his team members. He is someone I constantly keep learning from. 

You have dabbled in both, playback singing for movies as well as independent songs. How different are the two experiences?

Film songs are narrative in nature whereas a single let me be in my own skin. A film song is based on the visual characters and is fun to sing although a single let me connect with my art and express to the fullest.

Over the last few years, non-film content is picking up pace in India; what do you think about the state of non-film independent music in India?

Independent music is picking up and singers are getting the most out of it. Non-film independent music creates face value and lets you expand your creative horizon which is great for further future. Although we need to stay connected to our routes. 

If there’s one thing that you want your fans and listeners to take away from your music, what is it?

A journey of emotions to be felt, peace to connect and music for the ears.

With so many internet discoveries making it big in the music industry, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. What do you think sets you apart?

Getting lost is a part and parcel of life, although consistency is the key. In my opinion, I am welcoming and adventurous when it comes to music and singing which allows me a tough base with more and more opportunities online and offline. 

Ease of access has also increased competition, do you think the quality of music has gone down over time or there is an ongoing complaint among music enthusiasts that “music isn’t what it used to be.” What are your views about the change in music styles and the new-age music/genres?

Its perspective based and change is the law of nature. We have gone from analog to digital which has played a very important role and molded people to think ‘it’s not the same anymore’. The music industry is developing with hurdles but surely moving ahead. 

We’d like to close this conversation with the milestones that you’ve set for the next few months and a message for your fans on JioSaavn. 

My motive is to ‘Go with the flow’ and never flow backward though. Message to my fans: Grateful for all the love and support each of my fans has given me. “Ve Maahi” is a milestone that wouldn’t have been possible without my fans!

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