KSHMR reveals the release of his next song, India tour in 2019 and his favorite desi EDM artists
No-one in the dance music circuit has embraced the Indian culture in his/her production, artworks, live shows and everything in between, like KSHMR. In a conversation with OnRecord, the 30-year-old producer and DJ told us about his secret ingredients of a typical KSHMR track, date of his next release, a potential India tour and much more!  
What was the biggest highlight of 2018 for you?
As far as touring goes, I was sad that I couldn’t come to India this year for Sunburn which is my favorite to play. But of the shows I did play, my favorite was Parookaville where I revealed my first fully animated show alongside live orchestra instruments.
How do you manage to stick to your own style even though no two tracks sound the same?
I think it helps being an artist when the premise of your project is more open than a specific genre and in my case, my project is centered around having cinematic elements and using instruments from India and all over the world. With that as a premise, it’s been easy to make lots of different songs with different feelings that stay true to what KSHMR is about for me.
How do you strike a balance being relevant in this ever-evolving music industry and stay true to yourself at the same time?
I believe it’s important to observe what’s going on in the scene and take away elements that you like as opposed to being influenced by the popularity of something. I think it’s ok to take things but the reason should be that you like them and that should be the deciding factor in all your choices as a musician. To see what’s going on and to be open to learning is a better perspective than chasing what’s going on hoping you can recreate something that’s already been done.
What makes you share your best practices for music production and share behind the scenes with the world?
Well, I’m a producer before anything else being a DJ or otherwise. The producer community is the one I care most about so it’s important to me to give as much as possible to that community because at the end of the day, it’s the one I belong to. 
What are the essentials for any upcoming act to become the next big thing in the world of dance music?
In my opinion, it’s a difficult time and not especially inviting for newcomers. You see a lot of the same acts headlining festivals as you did 5 years ago, the important thing is to stand out and make some declaration of what your story is going to be. What you’re going to represent that doesn’t exist yet. It’s often sadly the case in dance music that producers want to make what seems to be relevant and it’s almost a competition of technical skill. But more than that, it’s your ability to convey and have an interesting story.
What about the Indian culture attracts you so much that you keep coming back to your roots?
Well, I’m proud to bring something unique to the table to the dance music scene and Indian culture is full of inspiration to draw from and when married properly with dance music, you can create something really fresh. For me, I like drawing from all cultures. It just so happens that the music is tied to my own heritage, which is a rich well to draw from.  
On those lines, where do you think the dance music scene moving towards in India compared to the rest of the world?
Dance music in India is still relatively young so it’s anybody’s guess where it’s headed but I think the energy is there so it won’t be dying anytime soon. 
Who do you think from India is preparing to blow up the scene in the recent future?
Zaeden and Lost Stories have been making great music, they continue to get better. It’s only a matter of time before they are considered on a global scale.
KSHMR x Zaeden.jpg
If there was one thing you could change about Indian music festivals or the dance music scene here, what would it be and why?
I think the organization can be more difficult in India than in other parts of the world. It’s definitely true in organizing shows and my understanding is that it can be hard to get permits and the other things required but it’s a hurdle worth jumping because of how important and influential and beautiful India is. 
Following up on your collaboration with Sonu Nigam, can we expect some more Bollywood collabs any time soon?
The collab with Sonu Nigam happened very organically, I would be excited to work with other Bollywood artists when and if it comes about. 
When are we getting our hands on new KSHMR music?
I have a new song coming out called “No Regrets” in February and I’m very excited about it. One of my favorite songs I’ve ever done. 
You didn’t perform in India this year; can we expect some tour dates for India on your 2019 calendar?
Absolutely! I’m planning and close to confirming a tour in India in the first half of 2019. 
While we wait for an official announcement for his next India tour, stream KSHMR’s discography on JioSaavn! 

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