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American singer, songwriter and record producer, Lauv is gearing up for his first solo tour to India and we can’t contain our excitement! Best known for his hit records “I Like Me Better,” “Paris in the Rain Lyrics” and DJ Snake collaboration, “A Different Way,” he is set to perform in Mumbai on May 13.


Right before he paints the town blue, he goes OnRecord about his thoughts on performing in India, new album, obsession with the color blue and things we never knew about Ari Staprans Leff.

First and foremost, starting with your tour, how excited are you to return to the Indian subcontinent? Any memories you’d want to share from your previous visit to India?

I’m super stoked to come back to India!  Last time I was here it was with Ed Sheeran, which was crazy! We had such a good time before the show, I got to explore the city and go to some markets. I definitely had some of the best food of my life that day. I think it was the day of the show, I went to a low-key cafe restaurant that was incredible.

What are you looking forward to this time?

I hope I get an opportunity to experience more of the culture, explore it a little more and obviously eat the incredible Indian food. I also hope to meet more of my fans because I feel my last visit left me wanting a lot more.

We fell in love with “i’m so tired…” when we heard it for the first time and we can’t wait for you to perform it live! Could you tell us how this collaboration with Troye Sivan started off?

Basically, the song started as a hook, just the chorus. I had written it with a friend of mine and I didn’t even know what to do with it but I knew that I loved it. When Troye and I met, we wrote another song at first but it wasn’t really good and I don’t remember what it was called. At the end of the day, I was like, I have this idea you may like and I played him the chorus and he freaked out! Then we wrote the rest of the song and at that point, it wasn’t even set to be a duet. We were just writing it together ‘cause he wanted to write for other artists and then I nervously asked, “do you want to do it with me?”

What’s the inspiration behind “i’m so tired…”?

The inspiration for the song was basically from I met you when I was 18, which was all about one relationship and one girl and four years of my life where I felt like I became a different person. “i’m so tired…” is my departure from that whole part of my life. It was really beautiful but it kind of got exhausting writing about the same thing over and over in different ways. It was like, I’m so tired of this and at the same time, still kind of wrecked over it. It’s about missing somebody but being exhausted by that.

We heard, it is your last single before your album, is that true?

“i’m so tired…” was my last single before I start releasing music for my album, ~how i’m feeling~. I’m super excited because I just announced it and it’s going to be an album that I’m releasing song by song. It talks about my life as it’s relevant to me, telling my story and why each song exists.

Lauv & Troye Sivan

What do you think of using music as a medium to express your feelings and thoughts that you cannot do in your day-to-day life?

I think music has been the most important way to understand how I truly feel because I have a lot of racing thoughts. I have overactive anxiety where I calculate every version of a situation and I sort of lose track of how I really feel about something. I know, if I can write a song and I can write it fast, that’s usually the most honest form of me and a good way for me to really figure out myself and how I feel. So, it’s everything to me. I’m super grateful that I discovered music and started writing songs.

We’ve seen a common trend on most of your creatives and even your Instagram feed; the presence of the color blue. What’s your obsession with blue?

I just love the color blue because it feels like it has so many different emotions and it’s a very deep color with so much complexity. A lot of my favorite kind of love songs or heartbreak songs have such complexity to them. It just feels right, I guess.


What artists do you look up to when you’re making or putting out new music?

It is a few different things; I love to write songs that feel really emotional and classic. I love artists like Chris Martin, John Mayer, and Paul Simon, but I’m very much into music as a producer because I produce a lot of my own music. I just try doing something weird, different and unexpected every time when I’m making a song. I follow producers like Cashmere Cat and Lido and people who push the sonic envelope by doing things that nobody else is doing.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t ever heard a Lauv song?

I’d say honest and emotional, sort of singer-songwriter rooted. I don’t see it as electronic pop. I feel it’s really hard to put my music and a lot of music into genres these days. So, I would just describe it as honest.

Apart from your own music, you’ve written for artists like Cheat Codes, Demi Lovato and Charli XCX. How is the songwriting process different when you are working on your songs vs. someone else’s?

That’s a good question! I can write songs with other people that are close to something that I’ve experienced but maybe not the exact thing. I think the difference is when it’s really about my life, those are the songs I keep for myself.  

One of the tracks that still gets people dancing is your collaboration with DJ Snake titled “A Different Way.” How was the experience working with him?

Working with DJ Snake was absolutely incredible! We made the whole song back and forth over the Internet. It was crazy at the time! I remember he DM’d me on Twitter saying he was a fan and went into a frenzy because he’s a legend! It was just a massive honor when he asked me to do a song with him. I met him for the first time when we were shooting the music video, in which I was there for like two seconds or maybe actually half a second. He’s the sweetest guy and so talented and he’s always trying to push the boundaries, which I respect as a producer.


DJ Snake also toured India a couple of weeks back and talked about his love for the country. Do you feel any special connection with your Indian fans?

Yeah, I do feel like I have a special connection with my Indian fans, especially online. One of my favorite fan accounts is from India and I have a lot of cool interaction. I just love them so much and I’m so excited to come back and play my own show. I’m more excited this time because it’s my vibe, it’s my world and I really am excited to let everybody in. I kind of feel like it’s really my first real introduction even though I’ve come here before.

We also saw your reaction to Artist Originals tracks and praising the Indian talent; are you open to collaborating with any artists here? If yes, who all are on your list?

I would love to, I’m super open to it! I loved listening to some of the Indian music that was sent to me. I thought that was an amazing experience. And I’m most open when it comes to collaborations, and it would be really cool at some point to spend some time out there and just see what happens. That’s the way I approach collabs where I just like to see what happens and not really over-plan anything.

Winding up this interview, what can fans expect from you as an artist in 2019?

In 2019 people can expect tons of music from my first proper album,~how i’m feeling~. I’m working on a lot of other stuff and you can expect more tour dates too! You can expect me to have probably weird hair and maybe you can expect pasta sauce. So it’s going to be that! 

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