Lauv and Troye Sivan react to Artist Originals music

With American pop singer Lauv scheduled to play in India in May, he comes together with fellow singer Troye Sivan to watch three of  Artist Originals tracks.



Watching them for the first time, the “i’m so tired…” hitmakers start with Prateek Kuhad’s “cold / mess”. In the opening frames, Sivan is quick to point out that the video is similar to the one for “i’m so tired…”, which involves various couples in a romantic set-up.

“It’s feels very genuine,” says Lauv, with Sivan agreeing with him. “A very tasteful relationship video. It’s not corny at all.”

With the chorus coming in, Lauv realises that the song is about lovers not able to leave each other, rather than not being able to love properly. Sivan quips that the song reminds him of Vance Joy, the Australian singer-songwriter.

By the time the video finishes, Lauv and Sivan both applaud, with the former saying, “That was so good,” while Troye rates it a “10/10” for him.

Troye Sivan

They move on to Anik Khan’s “Big Fax”. Bumping their heads together to the pacey beat of the Bangladeshi-American hip-hopper, Sivan points out that the food looks great. He also recounts the restaurant in New York where the video was shot. “This looks like an American music video,” says Sivan.

Lastly, the duo watch Zack Knight and Jasmin Walia’s party hit “Bom Diggy”. “Great storyline for a video,” says Sivan, referring to the heist-driven plot of the music video. Lauv chimes in saying, “His voice is sick,” talking about Knight’s chorus.

Grooving to the song, Lauv admits that although he never goes to clubs, if “Bom Diggy” every came on at a club, he would “surrender,” with Sivan agreeing with him.

“It’s damn catchy, that’s pretty hard!” Lauv said, excitingly.

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