Month in Review - June 2018 (English Music)

As summer became monsoon, the musical seasons began to change, too. Here are the songs, artists, and albums that rocked the English charts.

Song of the Month
“Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B


Maroon 5’s remix video for “Girls Like You,” featuring hip-hop superstar Cardi B, made waves across the Internet for its all-star female cast. The video’s success also translated to a huge boost in plays on Saavn. That’s no surprise — what’s not to love about the positive message, Adam Levine’s beautiful, sincere vocals, and Cardi B’s typically powerful verse?

Album of the Month


The collaborative album between superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z came out of nowhere to delight listeners for its maturity, honesty, and incredible songwriting. It’s their first album as partners, and comes as the third act to the couple’s ongoing love story. The entire world took notice as the saga began with Beyonce’s Lemonade, in 2016. Jay-Z’s apologetic 4:44 followed last year, and now EVERYTHING IS LOVE completes the trilogy. Props to Beyoncé and Jay-Z for expressing their troubles and triumphs through their art — and hopefully giving all of us the freedom we need to confront our own transgressions and celebrate our successes.

Playlist of the Month
World Cup 2018 – Live it Up


As the world fell head over heels into football fever, Saavn listeners enjoyed the tournament with our playlist of World Cup-themed hits, including “Live It Up” and songs by Ricky MartinK’naan, and Shakira.

We featured songs from all of the competing nations — and while there may only be a few countries left standing in this year’s tournament, the playlist won’t eliminate anyone ?!

Can’t get enough of Maroon 5, Cardi B, Beyoncé, or Jay-Z? Listen to the latest New Releases here.

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