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We caught up recently with DJ Chetas... which is harder than it looks! His relentless global touring schedule means that he’s a tough man to get a hold of. That’s hardly surprising for India’s #1 Bollywood DJ and consistent member of DJ Mag’s prestigious annual Top 100 DJs list. With nearly 4 million fans on Facebook alone, Chetas is renowned for combing popular Bollywood lyrics and songs into his no-holds-barred EDM sets.

Tell us about your journey into music and DJing. 

I’ve been DJing for almost nine years now. The initial bit was an extreme struggle — I didn’t get any recognition, didn’t have any access, and took a while to get my sound and vision locked down. However, the past few years have been absolutely great. I’ve been focusing on a lot more original music now as well. The entire Bollywood Dance Music market in India is growing extremely well, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Where do you get your music inspiration from? Who is your role model? 

In terms of his live shows and performances, Armin van Buuren is one of my biggest inspirations. In terms of music, I’m a big fan of Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Ed Sheeran

You’re renowned for your seamless mashups of Bollywood music with big-room, high-energy EDM. What’s your drive for creating this particular sound?

It’s what the current Indian youth really enjoy. They love Bollywood vocals fused with electronic arrangements and drops. I’ve been doing this for four years now, and the response has been great! 

Have you thought of producing/composing your own music? 

I’ve already done two songs for Bollywood — in fact, one single has already been released! I have another four or five original songs coming out this year in both Bollywood, and independently. 

What sort of collaborations are you looking forward to? Any artists you have in mind? 

I’m trying to cover all moods, from romantic, to dance, to heartbreak, to chill, and more! I’d love to work with Neha Kakkar, Badshah, Guru Randhawa, Arijit Singh, or Vishal Dadlani from the Bollywood space. 

How do you feel about music reality shows that are replacing live bands with DJs? 

It’s great that this approach has been adopted. It really makes DJing as a profession more viable, now that it’s in every household, and in the public eye. When it comes to televised DJing, however, I feel that broadcasts could be structured better, to bring out the actual skill set that goes into being a DJ. 

Why Bom Diggy? How was your experience remixing one of the most popular tracks of the recent times? 

Bom Diggy was one of the tracks I instantly vibed with, when I heard it during its initial release period. As soon as I heard it, I knew I just had to do a remix. I even made a mashup for my live shows! When the opportunity came by I was extremely happy to get on board.

What are your expectations from the track? 

It’s already done really well, with over 500k streams on Saavn — and it’s being played in clubs around the country. I’m hoping it becomes a radio and television favorite as well. 

What are your immediate future plans? 

A newly packaged and directed live show, and a lot of music!

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now

Collaborating with some international pop stars, and working on West meets East crossovers! 

What are your favourite destinations to play in? 

Mumbai, Dubai, London, Pune and Guangzhou.

DJ Chetas’ remix of Bom Diggy is #OutNow on Saavn.

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