"It's crazy to see how a chill track without lyrics can be viral," says Petit Biscuit on success of "Sunset Lover"

At the age of 15, Petit Biscuit broke the internet with his single, “Sunset Lover” for all the right reasons.  Four years later, this French producer, composer, and songwriter is redefining the sonic landscape with his experimental multi-instrumentalist take on electronic music.

Skeptics might have considered him a one-hit-wonder but he pulled the plug on all doubts by delivering back-to-back bangers like “Wide Awake” and “Demain,” making it clear, he’s here to stay.


We managed to track down the musical prodigy and tried to understand his thought process when he’s making music, back-up plans in life as well as his biggest inspiration. (Psst. it’s not who you think it is.)    

At the age of 19, you’re doing two things that you love the most; make music and travel. How does it feel to live your dream?

I’m doing everything I wanted to do when I was younger. I’m very happy to learn about new cultures, meet people, live such experiences, and have the chance to incorporate all of it in my music.

You quit school in order to produce music full time. Did the fear of failure or things not falling into place ever bother you? Did you have a backup plan?

I don’t think anybody can see a straight path in front of them, as everyone I have doubts, but in my opinion, the important thing is to keep trying as long as you can. If I ever fail, at least I can learn from my mistakes!

You’ve been into music since your childhood and play classical instruments but your production revolves around electronic elements. How did this transition of genres happen and why did you pick electronic music?

You know, every genre can be bridged somehow. I want to create music where you can find melancholy, beauty, and power of classical instruments alongside the rhythm, and texture of electronic instruments. You can say that my electronic production is an extension of my classical music education.


In one of your Facebook posts, you had mentioned “I wanted “Wide Awake” to be a track that defies genres.” What is the basic crux of your approach to music and how do you think it’s different from any other producer out there?

For me, “Wide Awake” is about human feelings transcribed into music. The music video conveys that too. It goes through different moments around the feeling of being awake and sensing everything around you. I don’t think that my music is very different from any other, I just have a certain approach of how to share my feelings in it.

“Sunset Lover” catapulted your name in the mainstream. How have things changed since its release?

So many things happened! It helped me get some money to create my live show and start touring all over the world. When I’m playing “Sunset Lover” live, everyone’s singing some random lyrics and it’s crazy to see how a chill track without lyrics can be viral!

Did you know that this track is going to be a hit when you were working on it?

No, I did not ahah… It’s funny because one of my friends was telling me “if you don’t release this track, I will.” So, I took his advice!

You once mentioned, “I usually say that it’s not in the story of the statistics.” If it’s not about numbers, how do you measure the success of a song or when do you know a song has it made big?

Sometimes songs take their true appearance when they’re played at a show. When you see everyone enjoying the song, you can say that the song is successful because you can feel that energy from the crowd!


You’ve achieved so much at such an early stage of your career and carved a place for yourself with unique music. If you have any advice for young upcoming producers what would you tell them?

Thank you! In my opinion, the first thing to know is to surround yourself with good people, good humans. For anyone’s starting, I would tell them to create what they want and not being focused on only one genre. Creating a signature is first about having some really open musical tastes, blend all your inspirations and personal experience into a piece of art.

What/Who was the behind inspiration your music from the beginning? If you could Petit Biscuit-ify any of their tracks, which one would it be and how it be different from the original?

I think I’m the number one fan of Bonobo! He appeared in the music industry 20 years ago and is still evolving in his way of creating. His signature is unique. I’m not sure I would like to Petit biscuit-ify one of his track because I wouldn’t change anything on his discography. I love to separate what I like from what I make.



Do you ever see yourself expanding your music into any other genres besides electronic music?

Electronic music now became the music in general. Almost every artist uses electronic textures in their productions now. But I love to listen to a lot of Indie rock stuff, however, again I prefer separating things I’m listening to and things I’m doing. Electronic music can be everything now and so I would never get tired of that.

Last year you toured Asian countries like Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia but didn’t hit the Indian shores. Any plans of coming to India in the near future?

I would love to come to India, it’s a whole different culture from France and I love to immerse myself into different cultures and countries to find inspiration. India could obviously be an inspiring area for my music.


Closing this interview with your future plans; what are some of the milestones that you have set out for 2019 and when are we hearing new Petit Biscuit music?

2019 is about having a break in touring to make a lot of music, also traveling to be inspired. I’ll be back really soon with a lot of new music. I am so excited to announce what’s coming next, but it’s a secret at the moment!

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