"Sauce is the classier version of swag," Prabh Deep and Sez On The Beat spill the beans about their latest Artist Originals track

Prabh Deep has carved a permanent place for himself in the hip-hop scene with diligently written verses and smooth af delivery. Continuing his stint of making it to the top of our playlists, he is back with yet another track alongside Sez and Lit Happu, titled “Sauce.”

We sat down with Prabh Deep and Sez before the release of their latest banger to discuss the creative process, their relationship as friends, their take online trollers and much more!


Class-Sikh was a semi-autobiographical anecdotal set of stories. Each song was about an incident Prabh had been through. What is the inspiration behind “Sauce”?

Prabh Deep: I wanted to try something new and get out of the zone of being sad and angry. I’ve tried to give people something to enjoy at house parties, during long drives or simply chilling with friends.

Sez: In all honesty, the beat was just an idea I had in my mind that came to life in the form of “Sauce.” That is it!

Prabh Deep: It’s got that ‘commercial element’, true to contemporary trap and more vocal as opposed to lyrical hip-hop.

Why did you name the track “Sauce?”

Prabh Deep: I don’t know how others feel about it but in my opinion, the term sauce is the classier version of swag.

Sez: According to Urban Dictionary, the word “Sauce” is used to describe someone who has a style, confidence, and attraction about them; we are the sauce.

Prabh Deep: We have that style. We have that confidence in us where we can attract my people. In my neighborhood of West Delhi, it’s difficult to get the audience to pay attention. You really need to have the sauce to attract them and I believe, we can pull off a Delhi crowd with ease.

If we are not wrong, the idea behind “Sauce” is – “Kids nowadays, they think they know everything. They’re telling me how to do my work, how to do my songs. But I don’t need the advice,” right? Why did you feel the need to hit back at these pseudo-experts?

Prabh Deep: I never said anything about any other rappers but these pseudo-experts were occupying a space in my head rent free and I felt this was the right time to hit back. When I heard the diss tracks, I thought of streamlining my rage in a very polite way. That was the whole idea behind the song; to deliver anger with positivity.

Sez: Kids can do whatever they want, we’ll do whatever we want but we’ll school them all the time, simply because we are more experienced than them. If I ask them how to make money, I’m sure they’ll be clueless. The only thing I’d ask them to do is – Seekh ke aao pehele jaake (Go and learn first). 

Prabh Deep: We get hate comments all time and most of these people don’t know anything about what they’re commenting on without knowing me or my background. I don’t even answer them because they are not worth my time. The message of “Sauce” is to be true to who you are as a person. Have a vision, believe in your vision, and don’t lose sight of your goals when people try to tell you what you should be doing.

How is “Sauce” different from anything that we’ve previously heard from you guys?

Sez: All of earlier Prabh songs were really dark, they had a story behind it. For instance, each song on Class-Sikh was about an incident Prabh had been through. “Click Clack” was about his friend died from an overdose, “Kal” is about being chased and beaten up. The album as a whole was about growing up in the post-1984 Sikh riot, West Delhi community – what Prabh sees in his hood, every day. “Sauce” is us coming out of that phase, this is a very fun song!

Prabh Deep: “Sauce” is is bright and full of colors. It is a whole different sound. People thought I’d continue the Class-Sikh sound because, in India, artists make one hit, they continue making the same sound again and again for years. It works for so many artists but in our case, we get bored with repetition. “Sauce” was written in early 2018, when I finally found some time to ideate and start making music again following the tour of my debut album.


Could you walk us through the highlights of the studio time and production process?

Prabh Deep: One night Sez was making beats in his loft studio at home and I was hanging out with him. The melody got stuck in my head, I went right into the booth, and recorded the hook in one go.

Sez: Trap is very hip right now and we wanted to explore something in that direction. We wanted to incorporate autotune without losing the essence and the content of the vocals. Making beats is easy, writing meaningful stuff and delivering it with auto-tune is a difficult task. Kudos to Prabh and Happu who just nailed it!  

Prabh Deep: It’s so effortless when we make music together. I am not just a rapper to him and he is not a producer to me, there’s a bonding. Sez, Happu and I have been friends for a long time and when we jam, it’s an organic process. We make fun of each other, we go out every night and everything that friends do and that’s where I see we’re creating more than just music!

Tell us about your relationship with Lit Happu, and how you all feel about his debut as a rapper?

Prabh Deep: Happu is the first guy who introduced me to desi rap around 8-10 years ago. Back then we were both B-Boys and then I shifted to MCing, he was doing some audio production with his friends. Later we started rapping.

Sez: I met with him five years ago. “Sauce” isn’t his debut per se, he has other songs as well. His content is really funny and uplifting so there were not too many avenues, therefore, you can only make songs like “Sauce” with him.  

Prabh Deep: After my family, there’s only guy who’s got my back and that is Happu. On the professional front, he is really different from me. My thing is, when I go to the booth I finish the song and come back. He needs time, he needs to set his mood, he is a true hip-hop artist and is the definition of new Punjabi music. His delivery on “Sauce” is unlike anyone. On his verse, he’s literally describing Sez’s room and the decorations. He had just walked into the apartment, which was being redecorated at the time. He was freestyling about what he could see: “Versace on the walls.”


What is the idea behind the music video? What were you trying to convey about your life and neighborhood?

Prabh Deep: Basically, it is a cool neighborhood video. I don’t want to show struggle anymore – I wanted to show people are actually enjoying their lives! I wanted to change the neighborhood and I am doing that. During the shoot, I remember, I was at my place and changing for the next shot, “Sauce” blasting on speakers, kids dancing and doing stunts on their cycles, I was like wow! This is the vibe, my hood has changed. These kids are the future, if these kids are looking up to us right now, it might change their lives. One of them may be the world’s biggest artist from Delhi!  

Do you think your upbringing in West Delhi influenced your approach towards music and the way you treat it as a medium to express your feelings?

Sez: Delhi doesn’t have its own sound, it’s a mix of a ton of different sounds; Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali and more. According to me, Delhi, is the most culturally rich state of our country, people all walks of life and other states bring their own songs, culture and it’s a culmination of everything.

Prabh Deep: When I was young, my female friends used to be embarrassed about telling others that they’re from Tilak Nagar (West Delhi). People don’t want to talk about the area I am from and I think is really important for us to change it instead of neglecting that fact you’re from here. I want people to feel proud of where they are from and change what needs to be changed. Something could’ve been done earlier however, nobody did anything until now.

What differentiates you from any other Indian hip-hop artists out there?

Sez: I have my own style of drums, my bass hits hard, yet, when I work with rappers, I get into the mindset of the rapper rather than imposing my ideas on them. Prabh and I work simultaneously. It’s not like I send a beat to him he comes back with a verse or the other way round. He sits right next to me and we make the song together. It’s an equal amount of work and input of ideas.

Prabh Deep: My music will hit in your soul if you are real and like-minded. I gained a very small number of the fan base but they are real and they know what I am trying to do. They understand the ideology behind the music and my words. Not everyone is lucky to have that sort of following.

JioSaavn got the “Sauce,” do you?

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