Rita Ora talks about "Only Want You", Fifty Shades Freed and love for India

After teasing her fans with a revamped version of Only Want You with a “very special guest,” Rita Ora has finally released it featuring the Atlanta rapper, 6LACK!

“Only Want You” from Rita’s second album, Phoenix was already a fan favorite, thanks to the amusing guitar riffs and warm percussion but 6LACK’s verse brings a wave of freshness with his unparalleled flow on the emotional yet peppy track.

In case you were wondering how 6LACK end on this mega project, we got you covered! We talked to Rita Ora about her new single, her favorite fashion designer from India and much more!

P.S. a Rita Ora India tour may be underway!

Getting things started with your latest track, “Only Want You.”

Tell us something about the thought behind the track?

This is about women being afraid to get hurt and finding it hard to let people in, I really love this song it’s one of my favorites to perform.

Could you walk us through the songwriting and production of “Only Want You”?

The production is quite simple and quite English, in my opinion. I love it. The song itself is very reflective of what my girlfriends and I go through on a regular basis when we discuss relationships.

On those lines, how do you choose your sound/genre for new music and what inspires you to make global records?

I make music I love and connect to personally on a personal level. My sound is a formation of genres and music I have grown up with from soul to rap to dance.

We hear 6LACK on the track as well. How did he end up being a part of it?

I’ve been a fan of his I feel he is really in tune emotionally with women so I felt he was perfect.

6LACK’s alias makes us curious about you using your birth name as an artist. Most of the performers out there have a different name to separate their private and public life. What’s your take on this?

I think that’s fine to do whatever they feel is most true to them artistically.

One of your biggest tracks of 2018 was “For You” that was featured in the movie Fifty Shades Freed. What did you have in mind while working on this one and how was your whole experience working with Liam Payne?

He is a really professional and hard working person. I am really proud of the work we did together on this song and video as well as the way everyone received it!

At the Fifty Shades Freed premiere, you showed up in a Falguni and Shane Peacock outfit. What made you choose this Indian designer over anyone else?

I always chose what makes me feel most confident and beautiful and that did that for me.

That brings us to your Asia Tour, we see Manila, Bangkok, and Taipei on the list but India isn’t. Can we expect you to fly down to India sometime in the recent future?

I love India! Cannot wait to perform there.

If you come to India, what will be on your to-do list or go-to places?

Everything! The food, culture and beautiful sites!

Also, what do you think of India and its culture as well as its impact in the world of music?

Very happy joyful people who know how to enjoy life!

Do you have any special message for your Indian fans?

I can’t wait to see you!