The New Songs of Badshah

Badshah is undoubtedly one of India’s leading hitmakers. He has the whole country dancing to every song he puts out, with music lovers young and old grooving to every one of his upbeat tracks. The Indian rapper’s tracks are served up at every party and pub across India. Born as Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, Badshah graduated as a Civil Engineer but soon realized his dream to become a hip-hop superstar. We’re all grateful that he decided to engineer chart-topping hits instead of public works! 

With millions of online followers and almost a billion plays, Badshah’s style and lyrics are leading the hip-hop revolution. Over the past five months, he has ignited the dance floor, dropping one bombshell track after the next. His current hot streak is not a flash in the pan and doesn’t seem to be calming down anytime soon. It started with “Move Your Lakk,” “Mercy,” and “Wakhra Swag“, but Badshah has some exciting new stuff to offer. Level up your next party with Badshah’s latest songs, his desi beats always get the people moving. 



The sensational number from Veere Di Wedding is buzzing all over town and has girls swooning. It’s not the usual Badshah mix, but has so much chart-blazing energy that no one seems to mind. This is not your typical male seduction number. Instead, you’ll find empowered Bollywood divas taking center stage. The shimmering lights behind Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s impressive dance moves are sure to entice. Their lip-syncing to Badshah’s lyrics is a definite crowd-pleaser.


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Reigniting the lethal combination that made  “DJ Wale Babu,” Aastha Gill and Badshah have created yet another powerful duet — this time, with Badshah featuring as a guest on Gill’s track. Filled with tempting vibes and slow-building yet thumping beats, “Buzz” is sure to become your jukebox-favorite number for a long time. Badshah has got some serious swag with his signature rap cameo, dropping all the funk in his verses. This song is a change of pace with a lasting effect. 

Kareja (Kare Ja)


Put on your best dress and get your dancing shoes ready. This party anthem that instantly topped all the charts has an undeniably addictive composition. The lyrics are dedicated to all the girl bosses around town, and this banger is about dancing like no one’s watching. Starting with the mellow husky tones of Badshah’s voice, the song builds with a thrust, and the electro infusion adds some serious flavor.

Happy Happy


The struggle to force a smile despite the difficulties of everyday life is perfectly captured in this song. The number has an odd feel to it, the characters seem to be dwelling in distressing situations, yet they are still singing “Happy Happy”. But, this is exactly why it’s struck a chord with everyone because we all relate to it.  The backing story is that of Irrfan Khan who’s dealing with being blackmailed. His turmoil swallows everyone around him and fills the narrative with heavy emotion. But this song is anything but sad, instead, it opts for sarcasm in the form of catchy lyrics. Badshah has found a way to spin gold out of something that should feel absolutely depressing. 

Dill Ton Blacck


Jassie Gill and Badshah are making sure that you go wild this party season. “Dill Ton Blacck” is freshly baked for mainstream pop. This Punjabi dynamite track has everything – models in high heels, expensive cars, hip lights, and moves. The unique trumpet’s play slickly in the composition and amps up the mood. Bringing his x-factor to the game, Badshah takes this song to a whole new level. The last minute’s beat drop and the sudden jolt of energy is just the icing on the cake.

Can’t get enough Desi Hip-Hop? You can find all the new songs of Badshah here for your listening pleasure. 

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