The Veere Di Wedding Film Soundtrack Rundown

Ever since the movie was announced – a one-of-a-kind Bollywood feature with four strong female leads – the excitement has been steadily building. From the outfits to teasers, fans have been hanging on to every word around the release of Veere Di Wedding. Adding to the craziness, Sonam Kapoor went ahead and got married to Anand Ahuja right in the middle of the film’s promotions. At a certain point, it got seriously confusing to decipher if the non-stop coverage and press was for Sonam’s or Veere Di Wedding.


But what’s made the buzz around the movie even louder is its chart-topping music. Almost every song on the album has already become a crowd favorite. While the wedding-themed tracks in the movie are more likely to take over the airwaves, there are some excellent numbers that we think you definitely shouldn’t miss. Here’s our take on how each track measures up on the tightly composed soundtrack of Veere Di Wedding.



It’s possible that the producers knew that this would become the most popular track on the entire album, which is why they chose to release it before everything else! Given that it features Punjabi rapper Badshah – arguably among the biggest guaranteed hit-makers in Bollywood right now – they weren’t off the mark either. While this number does have the signature Badshah rap between verses, it’s surprisingly different from his other tracks. With a soft feel and mellow beats, this song might just be the most non-Badshah Badshah hit we’ve heard till date.


“Pappi Le Loon” 

An often heard, and entirely valid complaint against Bollywood music, is that it tends to minimize the agency of its heroines. There is a litany of songs that either encourage sexual harassment or turn the female lead into an object. This album and this song, in particular, do the exact opposite. But that’s not entirely surprising with the unusual all-female cast, female directors, and female producers. While you might not agree with its methods, to some extent the lyrics of “Pappi Le Loon” allow the female leads and by extension, millions of female listeners a choice to express themselves in a way that’s rare for the Hindi film industry. And for that we applaud it.


“Bhangra Te Sajda” 

This tune will not be new to anyone with even a basic familiarity with “giddha” – the Punjabi folk dance performed mostly by women. When performed at weddings, this particular track is often customized with personal lyrics that are specific to that family or the situation. Building on that ritual, the album’s soundtrack infuses modern lyrics and references that provide a fresh take on the well-known Punjabi wedding classic.


“Laaj Sharam” 

Another track that challenges old mores, specifically the idea that women place modesty and coyness above all else. Just like the movie’s characters who constantly defy convention to do exactly what their hearts tell them, this track suggests casting bashfulness aside and living life as you choose. The song itself bares resemblance to an R&B track from the early 2000s with some bhangra beats thrown in for good measure. Dance baby, dance!



If you were looking for a new song to dedicate to your BFFs, sing at your college farewell party, or dance to just to celebrate yaari – this one is it! This track is friendship-themed – a staple, of course, in any Bollywood movie – and a total ode to the female bonds in the film. 


“Bass Gira De Raja” 

Veere Di Wedding’s music is definitely modern, upbeat, and yet still somehow classic. That feeling is credited to liberal use of electronic beats and Punjabi Dhol music! This particular number is an excellent example of the album’s electronic core. Staying true to its title, “Bass Gira De Raja” features multiple elongated bass drops. If you’ve attended a music festival lately, you’ll know that this is exactly the stuff that makes everyone go wild.


“Aa Jao Na” 

While it’s hard to pick a favorite from an album like this, if we really had to, we’d go with this excellent Arijit Singh track. Probably the only traditionally romantic number on the soundtrack, it has a beautiful rhythm of a steady electronic bass with delicate, overlapping piano solos. This masterful combination makes “Aa Jao Na” perfect for long car rides or a rainy day at home. Listen to it once, and we bet you’ll be playing it nonstop before you know it.



With this track, the album taps once more into its electro-Punjabi roots, merging slick and steady beats with authentic Punjabi lyrics. It’s exactly festive enough to play at a wedding – think an outdoor Mehendi function where the bride and her friends take over the venue, everyone’s wearing shades and bright lehengas, and the whole party is foot-tapping like dagmag dagmag diga diga…


If you haven’t taken a listen already, it’s time to check out the full film soundtrack now! Listen here on

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