This Sick Beat: 5 Reasons to Love Sickick

Sickick‘s newest single, “No Games,” has the whole office singing along. Here are 5 reasons we love the Toronto-based electronic artist.

1. Sickick coined his very own genre, which he calls “Sickhop.” It’s a delightful blend of hip-hop, R&B and melodic dance music.

2. He’s opened for Drake. Enough said.

3. He makes a statement. Sickick wears a mask at every show and public appearance, a decision he attributes to his laser-focused commitment to the music, rather than the need to promote an identity based on physicality, ethnicity, race or culture.

4. But while Sickick’s real identity remains an industry secret, the lyrics and production of his latest track “No Games,” reveals he might just be like the rest of us. The song is a melodic ode to a relationship challenge we can all relate to.

No Games

5. He’s philosophical. Sickick says his musical message boils down to: “everyone has a dark side, find the beauty in yours.”


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