Top Hindi Songs From The First Half of 2018

We still have nearly half of the year to go, but it’s time to provide a rundown of the Hindi songs we already know that have left their mark on 2018.  We’ll have more blockbusters to add by year’s end, but we already can’t get enough of the songs we’ve heard. So here’s a list of the top hits of the year so far — it never hurts to start early!

Aashiq Banaya Aapne 

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Say what you may about Himesh Reshammiya’s unique mix of throaty vocals, with this track he created what was perhaps the most recognizable song of the early 2000s. You only needed to hear the opening ‘ooooooo’ notes to know what was to follow. Almost 10 years later in 2018, Reshammiya brings the lounge version of his original with Neha Kakkar’s raspy vocals on the lead. While Reshammiya still pops up to croon between choruses, it’s mostly Kakkar’s voice on the song. A major upgrade in our book, if you ask!

Lae Dooba 


This track appeared on the February released Aiyaary, and it is well on its way to becoming one of the most romantic tracks of the year. With not one, but two versions and simple yet likable lyrics in Punjabi and English, “Lae Dooba” has a delightful melody centered on the early days of falling for someone. The acoustic version has Sunidhi Chauhan on the vocals and allows her powerful voice to shine. While the second one with Asees Kaur’s voice has thick bass beats and an upbeat, electro-pop sound. Since we are too in love with both versions to pick favorites, we’d recommend you listen to each.


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Mohit Suri’s VYRL is all about creating original content while focusing on the composition and vocals. So it was only fitting that their second track, a sweet, romantic melody released on Valentine’s Day. A hummable tune sung by Rahul Mishra, a trained classical singer, and composer, this track has effortlessly tender lyrics that create an instant connection. And its rising popularity is only proof that Suri’s experiment to release a single track each month, each composed and created individually, is working.

Shab Tum Ho 


It’s not uncommon for singers from reality shows to bag major music deals, but Darshan Raval has been almost unstoppable since he was picked by Honey Singh on India’s Raw Talent. While he has been consistently performing on TV shows and singing for Bollywood ever since, he was recently signed on by Indie Music Label to release a slew of original singles. This track was the second of the three singles released so far and showcases Raval’s command on melody and the range of his voice. We highly endorse it. 

Bahut Pyar Karte Hai


It’s almost impossible to read those lyrics and not picture a close-up shot of Madhuri Dixit performing this unforgettable number onscreen. We are (almost) willing to bet that this 2018 version by Siddharth Slathia will make you forget it, even if for a few minutes. Stripped down from the large musical arrangement that was featured on the original track, this one focuses on the piano and Slathia’s vocals, which makes it a lot more intimate than the movie version. Which is why we really think you should give this one a chance.


Khol De Par


We love this one because it takes the timelessly beautiful metaphor of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly and turns it into a rousing, inspirational number. Featured on the soundtrack of the Rani Mukherjee starred Hichki, with Arijit Singh’s vocals, and lyrics that encourage you to spread your wings, this one is a positive, upbeat track that is guaranteed to leave you inspired. In fact, we’d suggest making it a fixture on your daily commute to work so you’re always ready to seize the day!

Honorable Mention:



We know this is a Bollywood list, but we couldn’t help but mention this absolute gem! Most songs revolve around a certain theme and subject, but it’s rare for a song to not only hold on to its central theme but also make it memorable. This track, a part of Saavn’s Artist Originals and available exclusively on the platform, is based on the sentiments of waiting and longing. Performed by Pavithra Chari (vocals) and Anindo Bose (keyboard and arrangements), of the Delhi-based duo Shadow and Light, is a powerful rendition of pining for your loved one. With moving classical vocals, a sweeping arrangement on the keyboards — specifically the ticking clock sound — and evocative lyrics, it really drives home the feeling of waiting for someone.

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