Troyboi is coming back to India and we can't keep calm

Before the trap maestro hits the Indian shores again, we got in touch with the real OG, Troyboi to get an insight to what his fans can expect this time and what he’s cooking for 2019.


Starting off with the fact that you’ve toured India on multiple occasions and this time you’re coming back for a tour in Delhi and Bangalore, how excited are you? Have you made any special preparations for this tour?

Very excited, and actually the great thing about India is that I don’t need to prep like I would some other places. Mostly anything I play here is received well and that tells me that my ear and the fan’s ear are pretty similar so I’m excited about that as well.

Can you tell us about your favorite memories in India from previous visits?

I mean, a lot really. I’ve just had so many fans come up to me on the street or when I’m leaving somewhere and the connection is just real. I appreciate the love I get here, it’s why I’m back so much.

In the past few years, dance music has quickly picked up the pace in India and we’ve seen some of the finest talents fly down to this country; what do you think has caused these artists to realize the existence of India on the dance music map? Also, what do you think, how was the dance music changed in India?

Dance is so universal and when you think about it India has always been a country that moves and expresses itself through dance. It only seems like the natural evolution that this generation adapted to it so quickly. In more ways than one, young people here are changing the culture for sure.


In your opinion, how has your Indian background influenced your music and popularity?

Obviously, a lot of my songs have roots in Indian sounds. But it doesn’t stop there I think a lot of me growing up, watching Khabi Khushi Khabhie Gham or hearing the Indian singers during my childhood or eating my mom’s cooking, the culture is deeply embedded in me for sure.

What attracts you so much about India and the culture here? What difference do you see when you perform here vs. elsewhere?

It doesn’t matter what city, they all go crazy. Just that energy they bring to each show no matter what happens they are with me. I remember being swarmed by the crowd, everyone was just going nuts. No-where like here honestly.

We see that you’re a big fan of tattoos and some of them look like they are inspired by Indian culture. Is our assumption correct?

Your assumption is correct! But I also have a lot of other influences too, memories, people important to my life. It’s all that helps make up me.


Would it be a far-fetched dream, if we are hoping for a collaboration with an India music producer?

No, not too far-fetched. I’m open to working with anyone, really. Producer, artist, singer. Anyone, who I vibe with, you know?

We also heard you’re dropping a new single before stepping on the Indian soil. Tell us something about that.

Well, we’ll see, but the people coming to my shows will definitely be hearing the new tracks. I can say that for sure

How is V!bez volume 3 different from anything that you’ve put out till date?

This EP is probably the strongest lineup I’ve had yet of the V!bez EP’s. And I really like volumes 1 & 2. But when you hear volume 3 you’ll understand. It just hits.


For someone who hasn’t ever heard any Troyboi music, how would you define your signature sound to him or her? What five tracks would you suggest them to listen to in the first go?

Oh man really putting me on the spot! I’m not sure how to describe my sound. It’s just its own thing I try to just make music that I would want to listen to. Track-wise? I leave that up to the fans. Definitely check out V!bez vol. 3!

What can we expect from you in 2019?

I won’t spoil anything just yet, but working on a lot of things so keep an eye out. First up India!

Do you have any special message for all the Indian Troyboi fans?

Your Boi is coming back! Let’s tear it up again India!

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