False Alarm, Two Door Cinema Club's latest album is a take on technology and modern life

Two Door Cinema Club, the band from Bangor, United Kingdom is back with their fourth studio album False Alarm, the first one with the trio on the cover! False Alarm retains the band’s signature quirky alt-rock sounds while also bringing in elements of pop and disco.

Taking some time off from their tour across Europe, Sam Halliday, Two Door Cinema Club‘s lead guitarist goes OnRecord about their new album, Indian debut, the importance of digital streaming platforms, and so much more!

First things first, congratulations on your new album False Alarm. How was it working on your fourth album? 

There was a lot more time for experimentation in the studio this time. The writing period was one of the longest. We didn’t have a deadline in place to finish it and I think you can really hear that with this album. 

Would it be possible for you to talk us through the theme of the album? What would you want your listeners to take away from it?

It touches on modern life, technology, how we interact with it, being connected all the time. 

Do each of your albums have a recurring theme across its songs or are the songs completely independent of each other? What’s the case with False Alarm?

Yeah, the songs all touch on a similar sentiment but individual to each song too. False Alarm sparked the thought of how we are constantly being distracted by notifications on our phone. How you can have a chat with a friend, a silly photo, a breaking news story or an annoying work email all coming to you in the same way at any point in the day. Most of these are false alarms but sometimes they come with a little anxiety regardless.

If you had to pick one favorite song from False Alarm, which song would it be and why? 

 “Satellite“. I think it was one of the early demos from the session we all were very excited about. 

How does each of your own unique styles work together to help Two Door Cinema Club as a band? 

It’s always helped to keep us different and away from anyone in the scene. I think it’s important that we constantly try to find new inspiration musically and we all find that from different things. 

How do you deal with situations where there are differences in opinion regarding the lyrics or sound for a particular track? 

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. It’s a fairly relaxed environment in the studio. Alex takes the lead on those things generally but all ideas are heard. 

You guys have been together for 12 years, how has the band’s sound and style evolved over the years?

I think the pool of influence has just gotten wider and wider. We are less afraid to experiment with different styles of music.

After a crazy successful five years, the band took a hiatus back in 2014. Some people even claimed that it was the end of Two Door Cinema Club. Did this break change your approach towards songwriting or just working together in general?

Yeah, it did! We are very different people as compared to when we were 17. It just works better for us all if Alex takes the lead on the writing and Kevin and I come in at a later stage and contribute with parts and arrangement etc. It’s also made us much better at communicating with each other. It sounds like an easy thing to do, but I think that was the most valuable lesson. 

If you could give one piece of advice to other bands and artists who are experiencing burnout, what would it be?

Speak up. Take a break. Find a life outside of being a guy in a band. Take care of yourself physically and mentally. 

You made your big Indian debut with VH1 Supersonic a couple of months ago, how was the experience performing for your Indian fans?

Crazy! It’s not somewhere we would have ever thought we could go and play. The fans were great though. Hopefully, we can make it back!

How do you think digital streaming services like JioSaavn have helped bands like yours gain a global audience?

Massively! I think for an Indie band like us it’s the only way people probably have access to our music. It’s amazing how things like a playlist can introduce your music to a new audience. 

And to wrap things up, you’re currently on tour in Europe after which you’ll also be playing in the US, Asia, and Australia! What do you have planned for after your world tour? 

Nothing yet! It feels so far away. We have some time in December to stop and then after Christmas and New Year’s we will probably get back out there and it will finish for us for this tour around September. 

Stream Two Door Cinema Club‘s latest album False Alarm only on JioSaavn.