We Have Your New Rainy Day Meditation Music

As the monsoon descends over India, we thought we’d showcase some beautiful rainy day music from Shadow and Light.

For their latest creation, India’s beloved fusion duo, Shadow and Light, brings us on a musical journey and meditation on emotional growth. And we could all use a little more of that! Anindo Bose and Pavithra Chari’s new album is called Sabar, an adaption of the Arabic word ‘Sabr,’ which means ‘patience.’

Sabar expresses intense emotional experiences through poignant song-writing and contemporary-classical compositions, inspired by the process of creation and growth. The songs are written from a wide variety of perspectives on gratitude, grief, contempt, perseverance, inspiration, and aspiration.

Shadow and Light is known around the world for drawing inspiration from varied influences to create original music in Hindi, English, and Tamil. Their cinematic sounds and compositions play at the intersection of diverse genres like Hindustani classical, contemporary, jazz, pop, electronic, and soul to create entrancing, soulful, and – above all – expressive music.

We’ve made a personal effort to move beyond our comfort zones, and push our boundaries even further. It represents where we are now, and all the patience and effort it took for us to get here. Musically there is a strong RnB influence in all the tracks and lyrically the themes we’ve chosen to express are varied and unique to each composition,” says Shadow and Light.

Settle in with some tea, a journal and listen to Sabar on Saavn today.

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