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As part of our #ElectronicMovement campaign, we asked the mega-talented Zaeden to curate a special playlist for us. Here, he breaks down the playlist, telling us why he chose each track!

1. Zaeden featuring Rupee – “Tempted To Touch”

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The first one had to be mine, haha!
“Tempted To Touch” is a very special song to me. My team and I struggled to get the copyrights and permissions we needed to officially remake this classic. Finally, after almost two years, we pulled it off, thanks to Rupee and his team! I also feel blessed to have worked with Lisa Haydon on the video. She’s such a talented person — truly a beautiful soul with a dynamic personality.

2. Avicii – “Wake Me Up”

The sudden passing of Tim (Avicii) earlier this year really saddened me. He was one of the biggest reasons why I started making dance music. Lyrically, “Wake Me Up” has such a great message for the youth of my generation. Sometimes, I feel that we’re asleep in so many matters that concern our world. But I know that we truly have the power to change the direction of our society, for the generations that will follow us.

3. Louis The Child – “The City”

Louis The Child are one of my favourite current production duos. Their production skills, ideas and originality inspire me. Quinn XCll is a great singer, and I feel that it’s a perfect collaboration.

4. benny blanco – “Eastside” (with Halsey & Khalid)

Benny is a genius. He’s written songs for the biggest pop stars in the world, and Eastside is his first single as an artist. Halsey and Khalid sound so good as always. The production and sound of this song show that simplicity is key.

5. Lost Stories – “Faking It”

Lost Stories’ new single on Artist Originals sounds so fresh. I’ve always been a fan of their music. They’re artists whom I look up to, and I feel happy to share the stage with them during some of the shows we play together. “Faking It” is very well-produced by Lost Stories, and the vocals by Matthew compliment this great piece of production work.

6. Shawn Mendes – “Lost in Japan”

I absolutely loved Shawn Mendes’ new album. On “Lost in Japan,” it’s the chord progression that stood out to me. It’s just a proper pop hit, according to me. Combine the beautiful melody and chords with Shawn’s voice (which makes any song sound good!) and you’ve got a recipe for magic!

7. OneRepublic – “Connection”

Ryan Tedder. The name’s enough!
I recently started writing lyrics for my songs, and Ryan is someone I really look up to when it comes to pop music songwriting. I don’t know who Ryan wrote “Connection” for, but my interpretation is that it’s connected to God. In today’s world, we all fill our lives with so much BS that we often forget about the real “connection” — to the people and forces that matter.

8. The Chainsmokers – “Side Effects”

The Chainsmokers never disappoint! “Side Effects” sounds raw, and the vocal hook is so catchy. I love how they always keep it fresh, and Emily Warren sounds better than ever. 

9. Zaeden Yves V – “Something Like”

All I’m gonna say about my new song is: CHECK IT OUT! Haha!

10. Daft Punk – Veridis Quo

I’ll close out my playlist with this classic song by the legends that are Daft Punk. “Veridis Quo” is like my sleep song, and the melody is so good that it takes you to another world. Incredible 🙂
You can listen to Zaeden’s #ElectronicMovement playlist on Saavn now.

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